22 thoughts on “You May Not Like This

  1. H

    It’s going to take about an hour for my toes to uncurl and my buttocks to unclench after watching that….

  2. Jack Ascinine

    I flipped back to the high schoolers from Pennsylvania to make myself feel better after seeing that.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Someone posted a picture of a Grey Squirrel in combat gear earlier.

    Can those in the know, please instruct that very well equipped squirrel to take these boyos out as they are interfering with my having fun on the web.

  4. Micko

    At 2.26 (yes I watched that far) he look like a “redshirt” from the original Star Trek

    Just sayin is all…

  5. Woahtherehorsey

    Mon chi chi haircut notwithstanding, I kinda like it. I reckon everyone except clampers will need to do a bit of research to find out what a mon chi chi was and I reckon even he’s only about 36, so I’m probably stretching his memory a bit. Anyway, I kinda like it, in a post modern revisionist, non-Fixie-rider kinda way.

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