Almost 40 years to the day after the Apollo 17 crew snapped the famed “blue marble” image of Earth floating in space on December 7, 1972, Nasa has unveiled “black marble” views of the planet by night. The cloud-free pictures, taken with a high-resolution visible and infrared imager aboard a NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite, capture the night lights of Earth in unprecedented detail. (Pix: NASA/Rex Features)

Full size, zoomable, full-screenable version here. (Thanks, Conski)

Black marble: new high-resolution satellite images of the Earth at night (Telegraph)

(Hat tip: Aaron McAllorum)

20 thoughts on “Black Marble

  1. Fat Frog

    It looks like Lapis Lazuli, a sacred stone of the Tibetans, one that Buddhists used to meditate on to contemplate omniscient wisdom and compassion. Just sayin’

    1. conor

      your dead right.. this is a load of ringpiece, a bit like that “moon landing” in 69.. these people make me sick. There must have been a broken fuse in south east asia that day, apart from java that looks like its partying since 1999 do do doo do do do…..

  2. loinnsigh

    I like the little trail of light between Dun Laoghaire and Holyhead. Looks like it’s a busy little shipping route at night?

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