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  1. Klarticus

    Thank you !! Over the years I’d convinced myself that this advert never happened & that I’d dreamt it up

  2. Mehlol

    To see some of the raw footage from the ad just open it on YouTube and look for the video called “Im sorry maurice,I know its difficult…..” on the right. Gold.

      1. woesinger

        If it wasn’t shot in 5 years before the invention of irony ‘d assume that was a piss-take.
        Impressive, most impressive,

    1. fosull

      Using ceo’s calculator and converting to Euro, it’s about €205 in today’s money! That’s what passed for value in 1982?

  3. ScaryLady

    I’m really taken aback at how expensive those toys were. Remember this was during the last recession and people had FAR less disposable income than they do now. The Fisher Price phone costs €7.99 on the Smyths website but thirty years ago cost seven POUNDS 99p.

    Santy of the 1980’s – I salute you!! You were very generous.

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      I hear you. I asked Santy for a basketball one year and he gave me a basketball, backboard AND a bike! It was like Christmas so it was.

      1. thatsnotamareseedeasebends

        “And a bike” you say!
        Was that the one you learned how to get ridden sideways on (or was that just from the crosser your hubby would give ya)?
        Congrats btw.

  4. sasie

    I sent my sister the link to this ad 2 Christmases ago, and after much laughter and discussion of the merits of the Sindy Super House, she bought me an old Chatter Telephone off ebay, just like the one I had as a kid, which i unwrapped to great hilarity. At Mass later than morning, rammed into packed pews, juuuuust before it was due to start and the church v. quiet, I clutched her arm and said “oh god, is that my phone ringing?” After much rooting around in the handbag, I pulled out the Chatter Telephone. We were helpless with(almost) silent laughter, while the Mammy was giving us daggers. I was 30, she was 45.

  5. YakYak

    Are you sure it’s from 1982? (Hang on, this is going to get VERY nerdy).
    The first toy shown, The Speeder Bike, wasn’t around till 1983 when Return Of The Jedi was released.

    1. Fill3rup

      The Toys for Return of the Jedi were out the Xmas before the filme was released.. *pushes glasses up nose and snorts*

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      I’m sure he does shur doesn’t he have poor Yoda doing ads these days. Yoda must have gotten screwed on merchandise if he still has to work.

  6. Owen O'F

    Hahahaa brilliant. I remember meeting that Darth Vader outside the Rathfarnham Quinnsworth back in the day. When he turned around his cape swished, and you could see the tape recorder clipped to his belt making the ‘aawwwwmm-pahhh’ breathing noise.

    1. Nigel

      Oh, you watched the WHOLE ad and THAT’S what you noticed is it? For Sith’s sake, they have Darth Vader teleporting! TELEPORTING! It’s Star WARS not Star TREK!!!! Don’t you know ANYthing? That’s MY childhood ruined! Again! Thanks a million, Pratt!

      1. Darth Rectum

        And Vader’s TIE X1 prototype doesn’t have hyperdrive, How the feck did it get there? FFS. Have these people ever even seen Star Wars?

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