32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Eason’s, Blanchardstown

  1. anvil

    Quite a few Irish lads have joined up with the British Army since the recession began.
    Not only do our neighbours on the mainland continue to provide valuable employment at this time of need but it gives these lads the chance to be proper soldiers and not skiving pen-pushers which they’d be in the Irish ” army ” .
    I bet Easons sell quite a few.

    1. Just sayin'

      Yeah, we just don’t give our soldiers the same opportunities to kill the natives that the British Army does. That peace-keeping lark is a bit naff.

    2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      It’s nothing to do with the recession, it’s more to do with point 2 of your bitter little paragraph.

      1. anvil

        You’re right – the Brits are still bailing us out.
        Thank goodness they’re providing work for a new generation of young people who’ve had to leave thanks to the incompetence of their own leaders and who’ll probably never come back.
        If all the East Europeans were to go home there’d only be three old women and a donkey left here.
        Huzzah !

    3. mickmick

      You were doing well there anvil, until you dropped ‘the mainland’ into your comment. A sure sign of the servile, forelock-tugging, west-brit if ever there was one.
      Unless, of course, you’re just trolling. In which case; top marks sir!

      1. C Sharp

        I believe the reference to “the mainland” would suggest he is a native of said sod or of NI.

        Aside from that, he is most certainly trolling.

      2. anvil

        I think of myself as more of a useful counter-balance against the maudlin inferiority complex that pervades almost every post about the Brits on here that brings out the worst in the English Premier League-supporting Republican barstoolers.

        1. cluster

          ‘Proper soldiers’ is a grand title for men who swear allegiance to a monarch and go off to poverty-stricken parts of the world (eg. Afghanistan) to blow up civilians, isn’t it?

          1. anvil

            At least they can afford ammunition for their guns.
            Irish Army gunnery practice goes like this.

            ” Aim, one-two ”
            ” Fire, one-two ”
            ” Bang, one-two. ”

            ( With apologies to the famous Dad’s Army sketch. )

          2. cluster

            I’m not angry Anvil, just disappointed. You are better with the nasty troll comments than with the light-hearted material.

      3. thatsnotamareseedeasebends

        Ah be nice MickMick will ya!
        Can’t you see he’s still hurtin from his PD past life?
        Couldn’t hack it here so back to the mainland he went.
        How are the big boys in your dorm treating you Guido? Do you need some more vaseline sent over… ;)

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        You might have said the British military did a few Bloody Sundays, numerous other massares of unarmed civilians, while the Irish Army did actual peace keeping the Congo, Lebanon, Cyprus, etc.

        Did you learn your history in England?

  2. BLC

    Well, the house is green, white and orange, and a few strokes of a marker could easily convert that robin into billowing flames. Give me forty and directions to O’Devaney Gardens.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Did Easons actually review this card and accept to stocking it?

    I don’t think so. Either it’s an oversight by the purchasers or the supplier bundled it in.

    1. anvil

      At least a hundred years old by now but that doesn’t stop the Paddies wallowing in an Irish Stew of self-pity and self-loathing.
      A hundred years of successive governments consumed by corruption and incompetence and unable to run this country properly.
      Jeez, let’s get the Brits back in to show us how to do it properly.

      1. cluster

        The funny thing is that if the British establishment was even mildy competent at governance we would probably still be in the UK.

    2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      It’s not anti-British at all, well I don’t think it is anyway. I just think it’s an odd card to start with. Are there cards for PAs, hairdressers, bankers?

    3. cluster

      Where is the anti-British sentiment? Presumably the same card in a shop in Switzerland or Spain could raise the same raised eyebrow without any animosity being involved.

      Apart from which, being anti-British army is not the same as being anti-British in general.

  4. frillykeane

    Ah lads. What’s wrong with ye today?

    Tsk Tsk. What have ye done to

    “Was it for this”

    If not top billing it should most definately have appeared before of Anvil got his Trollix out.

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