Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore have ruled out any row-back on the budget in the light of growing unease among backbench TDs in both Government parties about some of its harsher measures, including cuts in the respite care grant.

The €325 cut in the €1,700 grant for respite care yesterday assumed greater importance as a possible stumbling block for some Labour and Fine Gael TDs.

The new property tax, the €5 a week increase in PRSI and particularly the cuts in child benefit were also being viewed as potentially difficult issues.

Mr Kenny, while accepting that many of the budget changes made to achieve a €3.5 billion adjustment were “unpalatable”, nevertheless insisted that all measures would be implemented.

You’ll take it. And you’ll like it.


Kenny and Gilmore rule out any reverse to budget cuts (Harry McGee, Irish Times)

(Barry Cronin/Photocall Ireland)

9 thoughts on “No Take-Backs

  1. Andy

    FFS those photos, especially the second one are worthy of the shabbiest tabliod. Buck up. The budget is a sad reality, this doesn’t help.

  2. Kath

    Madre di Diablo – between these pics and yer one in the pink shaggy head covering earlier this week, my nightmare fodder for the month is sorted. Thanks, BS!

  3. frillykeane

    Save those pics lads.

    ’cause there will be two row-backs, at least.

    And would one of you Photoshop meme’stros make Howlin the Useless look more like Dopey the Dwarf. Please.

  4. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    I can’t understand how the tax on maternity benefit is not also seen as “a potentially difficult issue”.

  5. Yello

    Tax on maternity benefit has been applied already within some public sector entities with the concept being that you should not gain from being on maternity leave. The difference of course is that public sector also get net pay during leave. Unfortunately, the private sector doesn’t do this on a consistent basis, which is why for some, this is more like a cut in benefit.

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