The Most Viral Irish Video Ever?



James Corballis writes:

This day last week I hurriedly posted a video of my cat to YouTube in order to share with my friends on Facebook.
I went out to work that afternoon and my phone never stopped buzzing with emails all night. It was only then that I realised it had gone viral.
A week later, I now have a theory that this could be the most viral Irish video ever…. (as in fastest growing, not most views). The closest I can come up with is The Rubberbandits’ Horse Outside video which received 530,000 views in 72 hours…. In 72 hours, my video received 1,018,445.
It is currently getting over 10,000 views an hour.
At the time of writing the view count is 1,949,000. I’m still in shock. I’m sure there might be others though that I’ve overlooked?


25 thoughts on “The Most Viral Irish Video Ever?

  1. Jimmy no tummy

    Yasha Swag – Pickles Official music video

    9,197,947 views and was published dec 1…..yes…this month.

    He is Irish and in Ireland…so….there you go.

    No to cats…..yes to pickles/because.

        1. Jimmy no tummy

          shite dont make it right..but it make it fact…baby. and facts is solid gold…take thems to the bank.

          (sorry….I’ve been drinking…also…embedding while drunk is very not easy)

          na night.

  2. Unitedwestand

    “This day last week I hurriedly posted a video of my cat to YouTube in order to share with my friends on Facebook.”

    Which is why I will never ever have a Slavebook account.

  3. Unitedwestand

    And what does it say about someone who is prepared to destroy a vinyl and possibly a nice turntable for a some needy hits on Youtube.

    1. Jonathanpbk

      Give him a break. You’d be pretty excited if a video you posted to youtube got that many hits in one day too.

      Why do you feel the need to bitch about it?

  4. Tickle

    What is the monetary value of something like that?

    I have a set of technics (SL 1210s for the puritans among us) and two kittens.
    Also a tube of super glue.

  5. Punt printer

    I retract my offer. It appears that their are literally 15 cats ( on page 1 ) of a YouTube search for cat Djs. Your cat is so big deal.

  6. Fieldy

    Really doesn’t take a whole lot to entertain the masses! Between Gangham, call me maybe and Cats doing ANYTHING…you have to wonder

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