What Happened?


Scenes from the incident on Dawson Street/Nassau Street, Dublin, yesterday evening.

Gardaí believe the dead man was involved in a confrontation at around 5.40pm and either fell, was punched or pushed on to the road where he was hit by a bus.

The man, who is thought to be in his 20s, sustained severe head injuries and died at the scene.

Gardaí are treating his death as suspicious and are searching for two men in connection with the incident.

Post Mortem Due On Man Killed in Dublin (RTE)

Pictures: Steve Kingston, Michael Le Cool and Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

72 thoughts on “What Happened?

    1. Leela2011

      I agree, can you take down the first two pics please? supposedly alot of people were around taking photos. don’t mind pics of the scene but the first two are a bit too close

      1. Mister Mister

        Another plus. Whatever about the pics of the general scene, the other two are tasteless.

        Don’t know who’s worse, you guys for printing them, or the moron who got on his hunkers to take the photos.

    2. pat

      No not graphic at all. You CANT see anything. Sensationalist much????

      Dublin scum strikes again, gotta love our capital city! Its got so much to offer NOT.

  1. Sarah

    Is it really necessary to link to that Indo article, tabloid journalism at it’s worst. Nobody needs to know to exact details about what happened to that poor man.

  2. Just sayin'

    I believe the two suspects were both wearing tracksuits, so they must have been returning from the gym or perhaps a 5-a-side match nearby. A simple canvas of sporting facilities in the area should yield the Gardai some quick answers.

    1. BLC

      If you have any information you should go to the Gardai. Even if the information is just “I’m a bit of a tool.”

    2. Soda Pop

      Just sayin’, the majority of people who wear tracksuits in Dublin do not do so for sporting purposes, so I doubt that angle will yield much success. Horrendous incident. RIP.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Well said Just Sayin’…. I was a bit confused when I heard descriptions of the wanted persons myself. Seemed like (in my head) the journo and editor swallowed the latest dictionary on stereotypes and pseudo psychology or maybe they were watching CSI Miaimi or the like.

      Ridiculous and poor reporting!

  3. Murtles

    Tis the times we live in people, you can’t fart anymore without someone taking a photo of it. Some scenes like this should be left alone but a certain mentality takes over in some people when they see Gardai and Ambulances and all of a sudden they’re a f**king pulitzer prize winning photographer looking for a scoop. The times we live in.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      And here you are, with your mentality, looking at the photos, and commenting on them.

      Times we live in!

  4. Matt

    Cross that road every day going home, it’s so disturbing that someone can have their life stolen from them so fast. The scene last night was horrible and silent and just awful. RIP & I hope they catch the people who did this, it’s just so sad.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    I don’t see anything wrong with publishing the photos. Just shows people what can happen out there, be this malicious or be it drunken foolery.
    Dead man aside, I imagine the bus driver to be particularly traumatised.
    The Indo article is typically bad journalism…and that’s what they do. Hard to believe it takes three of them to write it.

    1. Idly Wild

      I want to give the bus driver a hug! I passed the scene shortly after it happened and it was a right state. Poor man’s family.

  6. Miss T

    Broadsheet; this sort of voyeuristic “rubber necking” coverage is way too low for you. This is not journalism. This is not in the public interest. I urge you, as an avid follower of your site, to remove these shoddy, uninformative and upsetting photographs.

    You are better than this

      1. Ya must be jokin

        There is entirely nothing wrong with any of the photos. The only issue with the first two (unless some have been removed before now I have not seen of a mans severed head) is that they were not taken by someone in a journalistic profession. Get a grip. It’s a few Garda and a cardboard box.

  7. Jolly

    What’s the problem with the photos. You can’t see anything. It’s just loads of Gardai huddling around the bus. There is nothing graphic about them.

    1. Jamie

      First two clearly show the body bag. How would you feel if it someone related to you died violently and the next day a website put up pictures of Gardaí huddled around their body. All for a few extra clicks on a crappy website.

      1. Jolly

        I can’t see a body bag. I see cardboard boxes and Gardai. Maybe you’ve got better eyesight than me or your imagination is filling in the blanks.
        Also the last time someone in my family died the last thing I did was go online and if something like this had happened to my family I still wouldn’t find the images above to make a difference to how I felt – because you can’t see anything.

    2. Just sayin'

      I agree. Some people are over-sensitive. The victim isn’t shown in any photo here. If those pictures upset you so much, don’t look at them. But there’s nothing gruesome in them.

    3. Miss T

      http://i.ytimg.com/vi/0lUOHZxC55I/0.jpg That is Gardai huddling around a bus.

      The pictures above are graphic in that the gardai are huddling around the body of a man who died tragically and violently. It is the tone and nature of the photgraphs that make them distasteful. If your loved one met such an untimely end you wouldn’t want their death splashed across the internet in this manner.

      These pictures do nothing to inform of a situation or event and they serve only to have the potential to upset.

      1. Just sayin'

        Your definition of graphic differs substantally from mine. I don’t wish to view any graphic photos of this incident and I haven’t seen aby on this site. If you’re easily offended, stop looking.

        1. Jamie

          It’s not about being “easily offended”. It’s about having respect and sympathy for a person that died and their family. Putting up photos of Gardai covering his body minutes after his violent death serves no purpose whatsoever.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        I don’t see any ‘tone’ here?
        These are editorial photographs; they are not created (nor I believe, published) for impact, defamation, insult – they are there to inform the public of a newsworthy incident. And that they do.

        There is far worse editorial imagery online, particularly from conflict situations. They can speak far louder than words as to what went on. Don’t look at them if they upset you.

        1. Sarah

          Well if you are a regular Broadsheet reader, it’s hard NOT to look at them, given that they are on the front page.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Only on one post. If I can successfully avoid the stupid cat photos, you can avoid the ones of road accidents.

    1. Leela2011

      There was no warning about the photos. yes they aren’t really graphic but they are in poor taste. that is why people want them taken down. no problem with last two images and that the Indo link has been taken down

  8. No Fun

    You have permanently lost the high horse/ road that you ride upon for this, Broadsheet.

    There’s outrage in New York at that photo of the man trying to get off the subway tracks as a train approaches, and you think this is any better.
    Scraping for pageviews by trying to be “controversial” or “edgy”. There’s no newsworthy function, social function or even basic information that benefits from this post and the pictures.

    I sincerely hope you never have the nerve to criticize how any other news organisation reports a gruesome story.

    And don’t try that “oh, we’re not a news site” lark, because now you’re trying to be and you’re lower than the worst tabloids.

    1. Miss T

      Yes. I am subscribed with RSS feeds and saw these pictures without warning. I was there last night and it was a very upsetting part of town to be in.

      This has really changed my view of BS, I am honestly really surprised.

    2. Tickle

      ummm It’s not really a news site though is it?

      I for one am here becuase rather than me trawl through the net for “interesting” “stuff” I let broadsheet do it for me.

      But hit and miss at times but people are being overly harsh here. Nothing bad in those photos but in my mynd possibly bad taste given the incident.

      But my taste is nothing to go by.

  9. Nordie

    I love just sayins naively. Wearing track suits = coming from a sporting facility. If that’s the case We have an awful lot of athletes roaming the streets of Dublin. I heard it was junkies rowing, not sure if the guy killed was one but the other two were.

  10. Phil

    sad sad story. sorry for the family of the man who died and sorry for all the witnesses who saw it happen.

    if i saw that happen to another human being it would scar me for life !

  11. sinabhfuil

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

    So sorry for the driver, the lad’s family, and the idiots who pushed him, with such devastating consequences.

    1. No Fun

      Absolutely, I love a good discussion of the merits of “things shaped like Ireland” and “what makes a hipster” but I don’t want to be looking at scenes of carnage and dead people.

      Broadsheet.ie can pretty much rename itself to “Scumbag Tabloid Gutterpress” if this is what they want to use to get pageviews and sell ads.

  12. Dirty 'Arry

    being sarcastic here….. leave the images if ye like just blur the centre.

    feel for the driver and that taxi driver. prob first on the scene…


    1. john gallaher

      @barry the photographer’s explanation,he was using his flash to alert/warn the driver…the photographer was not the only person on that platform..stand clear of the closing doors…
      NYT ran it too,on their website,pic of the week in NY was the NYPD Facebook pic of a cop putting socks/boots on ‘homeless’ guy.

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