Croaghback Mountain


They wish they knew how to quit each other.

Bonus rainbow (not Photoshopped).

David Alton?

32 thoughts on “Croaghback Mountain

  1. Miles

    Such a beautiful photo although Senator Ronan Mullen’s mammy does wonder why he never seems to want to hang around with the ladies…

    1. Bubba Top Mop

      Anyone else get the feeling that these lads are hanging out together because no decent people want anything to do with them?

  2. fill3rup

    Yep,lots of Brisk walling Ronan,that’ll make the bad thoughts go away..
    For about 10 seconds…

    1. cluster

      The term liberal is quite broad and not always used the way you are using it.

      Aside from which the Lib Dems are quite an eclectic mix.

    2. Arbs

      Alton would self-identify with Libertarianism and classical Liberalism. Liberalism as understood today would be an anathema to him as it would be to the other two sanctimonious, moralising goons.

    1. roisin

      Yes. He said on Twitter that Savita Halappanavar’s death was a distraction from the “real issue” of the Irish economy a while back.

    2. Bob

      Very much so. He committed himself to keeping Ireland ‘abortion free’ when he launched his campaign to become a MEP in 2009. Both he and his then puppet John McGuirk stood in front of a large crowd in the Carlton Hotel in Galway and said they were anti-choice (to much cheering unfortunately). Mullen and Alton is the type of company Ganley likes to keep

  3. Sparks

    I suspect that part of Declan Ganley’s opposition to the EU is abortion related, like Dana’s.

    But I’m more concerned about the fact that the photograph doesn’t show whether they are barefoot or not.

    1. Arbs

      There is shall we say a meeting of minds between these three life-affirming individuals. Ganley’s Libertas is strongly conservative and peddles both a hard line on social mores as well advocating a strong neo-conservatism in matters economic. One needs only to look at the rather fringe and hard-right candidates run risibly unsuccessfully by Libertas across the European Union in the last European Parliament elections, including our very own Caroline Simmons. Lord Alton and Mullen both vaunt themselves as pro-human rights, however this is coupled with a virulent opposition to abortion and an even more crazed objection to gay marriage. Alton has voted moderately against gay rights but is resolutely against gay marriage and espouses the utterly patronising, ‘gay people must be respected but their activities not condoned” style of reasoning albeit dressed up with a faux intellectualism. Alton also has opined in the past that tolerance is the going to be the destruction of Western society and as you might expect espouses a rather febrile ideological opposition to secularism. presented as a religion in itself and most always militant. Reductionism and polarisation, beloved of many of conservatism commentator is once again Alton’s modus operandi. “Tolerance should never be presented as a substitute for conviction. It is not a belief in itself. If it requires everyone to give up their religious beliefs – or the right to wear a cross or celebrate a religious festival – because such characteristics make the non-believer uncomfortable, it in turn becomes a form of intellectual fascism.”

      “Being socially inclusive then is not like Jonah in the whale or the chicken in the fox – it’s not about forcing a Christian, Jew or Muslim to give up their beliefs to accommodate those who have none. Inclusion is different from ingestion. It is not about enforced conformity. Just because some have lost the faith of their fathers, we do not need to lose the faith of ours.”

      Senator Ronan Mullen is more or less a light-weight, bucolic version of Alton but equally as dangerous and dogmatic but perhaps more in a gut-instinct, faith-of-our-fathers kind of way. Both Ganley and Alton can imbue their opinions with more gravitas than Senator Mullen, whose personal circumstances can leave him open to quite unsavoury home-truths.

      1. Dave

        Great explanation, cheers. When you say “whose personal circumstances can leave him open to quite unsavoury home-truths.”, what exactly do you mean?

  4. Shane

    My skin just actually crawled away, i do hope it comes back….I will vow not to look at another picture of Ronan if it does!

  5. Selina Kill

    Have to lol at some of the comments :)

    The sad thing is that the mental gymnastics, bloody backflips, going on in rónán mullen’s head to rationalise his position can only be unhealthy.
    I think we should be well aware of that in this country, with all that’s gone on.

    What’s ridiculous is that someone with his beliefs could be in a position of influence in a western democracy in 2012.

    Thanks religion!

  6. Derek Bonsai

    Ganley must engage in a fair amount of mental gymnastics or perhaps not: how does he square his catholic morality with the fact hat he makes profit from selling equipment to the US military that have committed numerous human rights abuses?

    1. Lan

      The same way American “christians” square their belief in Jesus with putting loads of holes in innocent people
      Cognitive Dissonance

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