This Changes Everything


This just in.

From a rarely sober normally reliable source in Leinster House:

I am hearing Ronan Mullen has set up a new ‘religious-based’ party with Lorcan Price, a former secretarial assistant from Leinster house, now a junior counsel.


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    1. ex pat

      You got to love his endorsement of the exact period that destroyed the economy through a neo-liberal economic agenda gives this clown about as much cred as the markets gave Lenihan Bros.

      I suspect the only type of movement possible of making a breakthrough is any group that targets the worst expenses offenders and offers to sit as a TD for a nominal salary of say €33,000 p.a.

      1. McNinja

        Sinn Fein TDs only accept €34,000 (average industrial wage) out of their €92,000 salary the surplus is used to pay for additional constituency staff.

        1. The Salmon Of Knowledge

          Still costs the exchequer €92,000 per TD

          Whether said TDs spends the money on their party, rocket cars or flying monkeys is irrelevant.

          This ‘only taking the average industrial wage’ claim is horsesh1t

          1. Bangalore

            This is true. They have constructed a narrative that they are taking the average wage when they are doing no such thing. Another reason that despite my abandoning Labour I couldn’t vote SF. They are simply not honest.

          2. Simon

            That’s no strictly true as the balance is actually much less due to the exchequer getting a lot of that surplus €58k back from taxes paid by the constituency staff that it allows SF to hire. Either direct income taxes, PRSI or VAT from goods they spend their earnings on. This cash is fed back into the economy.

          3. Sinbad

            It shows that they’re not primarily motivated by greed.

            Using the excess to pay for constituency staff creates employment and funds what they presumably believe to be a principled endeavour.

            I’d rather see this €56,000 going to the only party with a different vision to the current policy of austerity that has a chance in hell of ever being in government than going into Willy O’Dea’s pocket.

        2. Commonsense

          You’re talking crap Sinbad – cast an eye to the north of Ireland and see how “different” the SF vision is. You think property tax is bad down here?

          The art of talking out both sides of their mouth in SF has been refined to Bertiesque proportions

          1. droid

            You also get free bins, free GP, free dentist, free water…

            If they were offering that down here in return for a property tax Id be happy to pay it.

      2. Sido

        @ Ex Pat – You can hardly blame the Unionist Flag crowd up North who must feel very isolated.
        Looking South of the Border you could be forgiven for thinking that The Opposition was Sinn Fein.
        And indeed they may well be the biggest Opposition Party after the next election. the only alternative being the likes of Ming.
        Ronan might as well go for it – FG, Labour & FF seem more intellectually incapable as each day passes.

        1. bongo

          Hardly blame them, eh? That’s your piss-poor mitigation for those hate-filled bastards to riot their way through Christmas following a democratic decision? Bless their poor, isolated souls. By the way, if you think that the crowd of morons who gathered to burn the tricolour outside Belfast City Hall sees any difference between the southern political parties then you’re sorely mistaken. Were they able to name any of them then they’d hate them all equally.

        2. Simon

          @droid you don’t get free water you have to pay for water rates and have done for decades. Alsom the free GPs and dentists aren’t paid for out of the Council Charge they’re paid from from National Insurance through the NHS.

          @sido I’m not talking crap if it’s facts. That’s why people need to know the facts and stick to them instead of getting involved in party bias; that’s where the bullshit comes from.

  1. David Higgins

    Woo, two members already, aren’t they just flying ahead. Overall majority next election, I can feel it…

  2. Daithi

    In fairness, that is a rather unfortunate photo of him.

    We’ve all had bad photos taken in our time and I though it was a bit unfair that the media use that horrible mug shot of him, especially when portraying him in a bad light, but after listening to him go on about things I think it’s more deserving.

    I really hope he reads this.

      1. ABM

        Is it not enough to just disagree with someone? Why the need for the personal abuse? I suspect your inner anti-Catholic tendencies are bubbling to the surface.

        1. Daithi

          I respectfully disagree.
          It’s nice to throw in a personal dig every now and then, especially if it makes his mother cry a bit.

        2. Arbs

          ABM writes: “Is it not enough to just disagree with someone? Why the need for the personal abuse?”. The simple, unadulterated irony of this comment. I said it before and I’ll say it again ABM: physician heal thyself, cura te ipsum!

    1. Maria Conroy Byrne

      I think it’s a rather nice photograph. Just a woman’s viewpoint! He’s looking pretty dapper recently! I also doubt he’s reading this. He always seems to be busy.

        1. Rob Dunlop

          Well said well… Let’s hope there aren’t to many who fall for dapper prairie dog looks. As for busy? The opus Dei is known to work it’s subjects as much as possible to further it’s ends. Anyone have views on the first Opus Dei school in the country, Rosemount that opened this September. Looks sinister and has destroyed the mountainside… Was very tempted to have an OPUS GAY sign out for opening day! ;p

  3. Giggler

    Oh please tell me this ain’t so! Between this story and the potenital pro-life campaign’s financial boost from the US crazies, we will literally be an extension to the American bible belt… nooooooo

        1. Bangalore

          huh? of course you can prefer something that already exists.

          I prefer rabbits to crotch biting unicorns

    1. missred

      Not yet, but stand the two of them close together like that picture of him in Knock cuddling up to Declan Ganley. You’re sure to give the right impression

        1. OnATroll

          Sorry, I missed “pastoral care of homosexual persons”. Must have been released during my 25-year drugs and sodomy binge. And what was that ‘whazzaaa’ thing about?

      1. Mani

        Is the Holy Spirt in charge of HR then? Really dropped the ball on the whole ‘background checks’ for all the child rapists.

        1. ABM

          Young men who join the priesthood so as to keep their mammies happy is not good motivation. It’s a distortion of God’s will.

          Joining the priesthood so you can get your hands on other men and children is also just as distorted.

          But hey, taking advantage of the church has been something non-believers have been doing for centuries.

          Unfortunately your beloved State also failed to protect children. So much so, a recent constitutional ammendment had to be made. And children continue to be neglected.
          With 36 dying between 2000 and 2010 under HSE “care”.

          1. droid

            Aha, One true scotsman! Y’see guys, those priests who raped children weren’t REAL priests.

            Hey ABM , was it ‘distorted’ that the Catholic establishment, right up to the Vatican did everything in their power to hide the truth about rapist priests from society, covered up the crimes, allowed them to repeatedly reoffend and then did everything in their power to limit compensation to victims?

          2. Billythekidney

            Well nobody is joining the priesthood in Ireland at all now. Maybe the Holy Spirit believes in outsourcing Irish Jobs to the third world. For Shame

          3. Arbs

            More coherent and rigourous analysis from one who has risibly vaunted himself as an intellectual heavyweight when all evidence from your slurs and trolling points to a rather more grim reality. Both the Church and the state failed children but in terms of cover-ups, obfuscation and denial the Catholic Church in his country has been unparalleled, far surpassing the Irish State in terms of its response. There are still many in this country who were brought up in the Roman Church now know that they once listened to sermons about how to conduct their lives from men who were child molesters. And that senior members of the Church hierarchy protected these men, believing that the reputation of the Church was more important than the safety of children, and that the Church was superior to civil law. When they were found out their sorrow was not fully credible. Now, to exculpate themselves the hierarchy are blaming homosexuality, without any scientific foundation rather the opposite, to surreptitiously suggest to the white-knuckled reactionaries like yourself, that there is a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. When one thinks of the Roman Church, one thinks of secrecy, half-hearted apology, studied concealment and gross hypocrisy.

          4. cluster

            Our ‘beloved’ state is also your beloved state. The problem is that a significant minority of us have a stronger allegiance to a strange human cult based in Rome who have never, ever given the slightest sh*t in return.

  4. Bangalore

    We have one of them already its called the christian democrats. We reallt don’t need another flat earth/sky zombie party.

  5. Arbs

    I am not surprised frankly that our bucolic, cubby-cheeked, cuddly politician has ambitions beyond the Seanad. It seems a pretty obvious course to me given recent events that he will not stop until the general population are all cowed and bowed by his belief system. A world view that appears crafted from solitary introspection into a perfect abstract unity of belief. It seems so perfect that it reflects Senator Ronan Mullen’s withdrawal from human relationship rather than an interaction with it. Mullen, it appears, has a very clear vision of sexual mores but is does seem that rather than engage with reality, possibly his own reality, he has chosen to create and promote a perfect abstraction of it to validate and suppress his own nature. Senator Ronan Mullen is both a tragic and perhaps farcical character in Irish political life today and his sacred duty involves nothing more than the peddling of untruths and half-baked lies that reflect perhaps his own inner conflicts and aversion to personal intimacy.

        1. Feargal

          I don’t know that a woman wrote it. I think it may have been written by a male homosexual who is open and comfortable with his sexuality and happy to be gay. In his gay rant he refers to senator Mullens suppression of his own nature inferring that the senator has yet to heed the call of the gay holy spirit and enter into the sacred coupling of the penises. There he would find much comfort and feel less inclined to parade his primitive dogma in public. I think thats the gay gist of the above gay rant. So we should all pray for senator Mullen that he might answer the call of the gay holy spirit so that one day he too can experience intimacy.

          1. Arbs

            You are now my favourite crazy! This is brilliant: it is all kinds of bonkers that Feargal, I do salute you! Just FYI, this may appear a little bit of a revelation but straight people can also support equal rights for same-sex couples. Also FYI, the ability to use language isn’t necessarily a sign of homosexuality. And finally, I made the mistake of using nuance but my reference was not really just about sexuality – I guess you’re a more black and white kind of guy, albeit with a large dollop of doubtless loveable, hilarious non-sequitur. I doff my cap to you Sir!

          2. Miles

            FFS Feargal, apart from the homophobia, your comment is bat shit crazy off the wall! Have you been drinking? + 1 to Arbs

          3. Caroline

            Ah come on. Feargal has pretty much nailed it. Arbs has done plenty of pin-head dancing to justify his use of what he terms “nuance” to infer that Mullen is a self-hating queer who funnels his own self-loathing into a particularly virulent form of homophobia – the proper, bad “they’re technically all paedophiles you know” kind. And the propriety of that persistent insinuation has been hashed out here before.

            But what Feargal has detected – by what crude means remains unknown – is an impression left behind by all of this, let’s stick with “nuance”, being that Arbs himself is gay (whether or not that be so) and therefore personally stung by Mullen’s purported deception, and that in his view the proper thing to do is for Mullen to come to a personal realisation about his true nature (i.e. utterly gay) and reflect maturely on his unsavoury views .

            Of course, as Arbs will appreciate, I’m not saying that any of that is *true*.

            It’s just an impression one could be left with.

            (I’ve no idea about the “sacred coupling of the penises” though. You’re on your own there Feargal. Or not.)

          4. Miles

            Personally I don’t know how Feargal’s comment, steeped as it is in homophobia passed muster with the moderator. Reading your comment Caroline, I think maybe you have missed one central issue, namely that Arbs is actually playing Mullen at his own game, using the same sort of tactics. Whether the ‘propriety’ of the matter, you’ve got to admit that Mullen’s pathology, given his categorical views, does make for interesting discussion. As for the ‘coupling of the penises’, I’m with you on that one!

          5. Caroline

            I really don’t think Feargal is being homophobic, I think he’s repeating the word “gay” to show how absurd it is to, essentially, post at length about Mullen’s sexuality without using the word “gay”, a tactic you either find deliciously arch or tediously coy.

            I honestly don’t see any parallels between how Mullen expresses his views and how Arbs does, nor do I see how he’s being played at his own game, but I’m happy to have it explained to me.

            What is Mullen’s “pathology”, if not some of his views?

            I mean, I agree that it would be hilarious if it turned out he was gay, and I believe it when people say that his personal circumstances make it perfectly plausible that he is gay, but until he is outed that’s sort of the end of the discussion.

            Constantly going on about how being unmarried and giving off a bit of a vibe mean someone might be gay is actually unpleasant and a bit weird.

          6. Miles

            You’re probably ultimately correct Caroline. I do appreciate Arbs’ view also, if Mullen can resort to innuendo and smoke-screen to leave unsaid but implied what is essentially a rather horrible suggestion, Arbs feels he can do so in equal measure. Human nature being human nature, there will always be an eyebrow raised at Mullen, however wrong that may be. I recall David Norris in a pique of rage calling Mullen a ‘smug hypocrite’ from the floor of the Senate.

    1. Blah

      Wow! Thats fantastic! Totally agree, just envious that I’m not as articulate/psycho-analytical as that – hats off to you sir/madame.

    2. ABM

      Amateur psychiatry courtesy of “Dr” Arbs… I mean, it’s this new hip and cool phenomenon that readers salivate over. You don’t even need to interview your patients or get access to their medical records — you just speculate away online and hope that those reading think you’re so witty, funny and intelligent. I wonder if “Dr” Arbs has been on the couch himself? :lol:

        1. PoliticiansarenotjustforChristmas

          Arbs reading your post it is apparent that you have a bad case of hyperbole. Next time wear a dictionary…

          1. Arbs

            You’ll permit me a little hyperbolous laughter at your quip under a post from ABM. It’s all rather deliciously ironic and blinkered.

    3. Maria Conroy Byrne

      Wha? You’re not doing Leaving Cert English now. So, you don’t like Ronan? End of! Many others do which is one reason he always tops the polls in the Senate elections. The green-eyed god is a terrible thing!

      1. Arbs

        I see we have a Youth Attacker in our midst. For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction: I wonder who topped the poll for TCD/ University of Dublin? I would wager though that Ronan is shall we say a niche politician and doesn’t command the type of support which you, in your frenzied state, doubtless believe. It reminds me of the 10,000 Youth Attack claimed for the recent anti-choice vigil – interesting how the final figure came in at 1,025 from the Gardai. I’ll say no more lest you start frothing at the mouth. I do hope you got a chance to complete your own Leaving Certificate as with all the hating that you had to do and bile that you had to spew (given the “get-em young” policy of Youth Attack), I doubt you got a chance. Oh, diddums!

  6. Blah

    The Lorcan Price File (All Publicly avail. Info)


    Lorcán Price is a 26 year old barrister from Galway City who lives and works in Dublin. He is a graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway with a BA & LLB and the Honourable Society of the King’s Inns.

    RTE: Lorcán Price on RTÉ’s God Slot
    10:00pm on Friday 19 October 2012

    This week’s edition of “The God Slot” series takes the form of a debate

    The Motion:
    “This house believes that it’s time for the Irish Government to legislate on the X Case.”

    Proposing the Motion:
    Elizabeth Ahearn Flynn (Medical student, pro-choice campaigner and former Irish Times Debate winner)
    Fintan O’Toole (writer, broadcaster and columnist)

    Opposing the Motion:
    Lorcan Price (from Catholic Comment Speakers’ Panel, Barrister and former Irish Times Debate winner)
    Breda O’Brien (columnist, teacher and mother)

    Chairing the Debate:
    Eileen Dunne

    Studio Audience:
    Leaving Cert students from Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Clontarf.

    An extended edition of this programme will be available on later broadcasts…
    Please see details at:

    Bar Council Entry:

    Worked previously in the Seanad, for Senator Geraldine Feeney (FF) and Senator Paschal Moony (FF)

      1. Caroline

        Is that her description of herself, or theirs? I note that Fintan O’Toole is a father but that’s not mentioned.

  7. Zynks

    I hope the rumour is true.

    A party with extreme views (whether from a political, social or religious view point) has an advantage: it puts all the similar minded together in a single and easily identifiable place, and helps monitor better how society is evolving, or not.

  8. D

    Who do they expect to draw support from? The real gap in the market is for a socially liberal and fiscally conservative party that would represent the vast numbers of PAYE workers who are contributors to the State and get way less out of it than those on benefits and those who are employed by the state.

    1. cluster

      I genuinely fear that the failure to reform the public sector will lead to a Thatcher-style ‘fiscally conservative’ government.

  9. Maria Conroy Byrne

    Great debate on Ronan Mullen which mostly resorts to name-calling, personal abuse and vile attacks on his appearance. Reminds me of kids in school who picked on the plump kid or the child that worse glasses. Bullying at it’s most basic level!

    1. Arbs

      “Bullying at it’s most basic level” – Are you serious? As a member of Youth Attack (as you had proudly proclaimed on the comment forum) can you in all honesty credibly castigate others for bullying tactics? Once again, I must resort to a biblical reference which hopefully may have more of an impact for you: physician heal thyself! Less of the hypocrisy please.

    2. cluster

      Agree with this. Mullen is an odious man and seems determined to drag us back into an ignorant state, informed only by religious nonsense.

      That being said, I am sick of every mention of Mullen being accompanied by sniggering insinuations about his sexuality. I have no interest what he does or doesn’t want to do with his penis nor what he allow himself to do with it.

  10. Jay

    He looks like a Skinny Brian Cowen.

    Is this new party tied in with his new media outlet Catholic Comment?

  11. Ahjayzis

    Actually really good news. let them run candidates in every constituency I say.

    Sick to the back teeth of these Jesus-fellating assholes vomiting their shitheap of a belief system and backing it up with “sure de silensh minorishy o de peeeple do bleev it tew”.

    Putting that to the test should be fund. Christian Solidarity fun.

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