29 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Christmas RTE Guide?

      1. anvil

        There’ll be a fair few irish citizens watching and wishing she still ruled them.
        Somehow the gimpy midget we have as President doesn’t quite conjure up the same love and affection.

        1. seriously sam

          Speak for yourself there Anvil.

          I’m quite proud of Micheal D. I think he has done an outstanding job to date – and we should of course note that it is a non political role so you can’t blame him for the state of the State.

          Personally, I find your remarks about his being a ‘gimpy midget’ insulting. Like the man himself I’d be a bit vertically challenged and if I was to rise to high office (unlikely, but who knows!) I’d be sad to find that everyone who wasn’t a fan started in with insults about my height like I endured during my childhood.
          Seriously, isn’t that sort of stuff something most bullies leave behind when they leave the school-yard?

          Anyhow, I don’t mean to have a rant at you, just pointing out that not everyone dislikes our president, and that there is nothing clever about picking on peoples physical appearances.

        2. Formerly Known as @ireland.com

          You can fek off to the Shankill or across to Britain, if you are keen to become one of her subjects.

  1. ffintii

    Nice find, Terry Prone is on the case and calling the British Embassy, she’s on a retainer for this sort of stuff.

    1. Susan

      No, she’ll be on OUR TVs lecturing US about something, I suspect, because she received a shame-ectomy sometime in the last few years. RTÉ seriously need to leave Queenie alone. They’re in a weak position to criticise anybody about lecturing, given the bile some of their “our much loved entertainers”, paid by our taxes, have been spewing out after Melanie Verwoerd’s memoir and othersuch things.

      In the meantime, I’ll be in the posture of my adversary – face down with my head in the muck till all this is over.

  2. Mister Mister

    Ha ha.

    Never mnind that anyway, watch Room on the Broom, it’s a great book, they better do it justice in the animated version.

  3. Operatick

    As an aside, anyone else seeing the comments section here going right across the page to the right? Seems to have fallen out of its box (technical term).

        1. Operatick

          Whatever the problem was, seems to have been fixed. Comments now safely contained in their box again. What a relief.

          PS. No didn’t mean more politically right wing, although I like the reading of it that way.

  4. dmagive

    a bit slow but i see it now :) …ha…. (3pm for those slower than me) id watch that if the description was right

  5. GH

    Where do I send my CV? I reckon there could be vacancy in the editorial dept of the RTE guide…………Oh maybe not.

  6. Simon

    The bit that socked me most is that they still print those 7 digit numbers for recording, is it called ‘video plus’ or something like that. Who in all likelihood still needs them. Reminds me of “and if you have a colour TV you must have a colour licence”.

  7. swalsh

    Why is the national broadcaster advertising this kind of forrin stuff anyway? Sure nobody watches it, that would be unpatriotic.

  8. Sido

    What’s your problem? The BBC is always crap at Christmas.
    But as bad as it is – we can expect it to be so much less a waste of electricity – than the crap put out by RTE.

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