Should You Be Blue


Ronan Costello of the Union of Students in Ireland writes:

Here’s a county-by-county directory of mental health services in Ireland. USI compiled this in 2011, but it’s particularly relevant to young people now as cyber bullying, depression and suicide are being discussed as issues of serious concern for our society.


Mental Health Directory (USI)

10 thoughts on “Should You Be Blue

  1. ZeliIsJaded

    Are M.A.B.S and Citizen’s Advice now considered mental health services?

    How far down the flippin wormhole have we actually gone in this country?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      You could just go down and stay in your own “wormhole” and let this more important work take place above you.

    1. ZeliIsJaded

      By that rationale, the Golden Pages is a Mental Health directory.

      Are you depressed because your car is flucked, Call Kwik-Fit!!

      Etc. etc..

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          Ah!I see by your comments on here today,you are a learned observer of human behaviour!

          A troll??

          And are you a goblin??

          Do you like computers? Like.. a lot?

  2. Jane

    i am blue – because the USI has done NOTHING this year to prevent cuts, apart from some silly marches to Gilmore’s office when he wasn’t there. how about the USI stop their cowardice and do what the students want – arrange a national meeting on dublin.

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