And It Was A Trip


Outside Semple Stadium, Thurles, during Feile, August Bank Holiday weekend, 1991.

Before yokes.

And inexpensive camping gear.

Paul Reynolds, of, writes:

Thought ye might like to share some classic Feile pics – they’re from Wally Cassidy who had a short piece with us in Rabble last issue


Wally Cassidy (Facebook)

This is what they were missing:

68 thoughts on “And It Was A Trip

  1. Tickle

    I remember seeing De la soul.
    That was about the only time I was actually sober :/

    I also remember some fool scaling an electricity pole one night in the town centre. People egging him on too.

    Still it was good craic.

  2. feargal

    Rabble looks really good. It seems to be a bit edgier and more underground than broadsheet. I like rabble but my mother and my auntie prefer broadsheet.

    1. froinky

      I worked on the gig…a few of us were kicking a football around back stage and she joined in…lovely.

  3. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    I was there in 94 for the day. I still don’t know how my mother let me go! Fabulous festival, got my belly button pierced on the street, and a shift during Bjork.

  4. Bliao

    I’d drink myself to oblivion too if I had to sit through all those horrible Irish bands.

    Cry Before Dawn? Drunk before noon.

  5. ah HEYOR

    never forget 92. walked into hayes hotel jacks to a lad taking a shite in the sink. or the lads who spent the whole weekend running around the roof of the hare krishnas big top in the campsite…. ah the memories…

          1. John McClure

            Ahh Ireland in 1991- I used to charge the Mullingar/Dublin/ Tipperary cousin’s friends a £5 for copies of rave mixtapes from the likes of Top Buzz, Fabio, Easygroove,Slipmatt & Colin Dale etc when I’d come over on holiday!!

  6. Kevin

    I assume that, given the carnage in those scenes, Swedish House Mafia played that gig. And it is ALL THEIR FAULT

      1. l

        A man, Bernard Rice, was drowned trying to swim across the River Lee to the stadium. The city coroner, Cornelius Riordan, condemned Féile at the inquest, allegedly describing it as “an extravaganza of song, music and sleazy excesses that seem to have cast a hypnotic spell over the youth, as testified by this tragedy”.[16] Promoter MCD, and its head Denis Desmond, sued Riordan for slander; the case was settled out of court.[17]

  7. frillykeane

    Ah the *Petrols….
    Happy days

    BTW. Thurles hasn’t changed a bit.

    *I know, overrated self important living on past guitars.. but they were signed on a big deal so they were one of the few bands with money to flash

  8. Grumpyoldman

    Christ, great bands in there.

    The La’s, The Wonder Stuff, De La Soul, That Petrol Emotion.

    Soundtrack to my teens right there.

  9. JIMMY J

    George Michael on December 19, 2012 at 12:01 pm said:
    before yokes?



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    on December 19, 2012 at 12:05 pm said:
    Yeah. Nobody was doing them in 1991 in Ireland.

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    Memories of going to Sides in Dame Lane @ 15 in ’89 in my soviet jeans and buying yokes at a score pop in the jacks,

    it was just the yikyaws that were a bit slow to cop it, them and the oul bill.

      1. Wookie

        I vaguely remember some house music going on in the stands of the campsite all night (was it a greyhound track?) deadly. No doubt yokes available tho’ I was too young and naive…alas…
        Another recollection was the streets were absolutely carpeted in cans…

        1. Klarticus

          Yokes were widely available in ’89/90 although they were about 25 quid & they weren’t really refered to as yokes until 1993

    1. frillykeane

      Indeed, now there was a yoke..

      Anyways, on a point of order, yokes would’ve arrived South of Horse n’Jockey around ’86

      And Sir Henry’s Sweat Dance started 87 or 88

      So by 91 we were well yiked

  10. Jerra

    Who the hell is The Arm?
    Has anyone got a link?
    I can’t find “The Arm” on wikipedia or yet they were second from top of the Friday night bill.

      1. Jerra

        Thanks. That was doing my head in.
        Jaysiz, that’s some bleedin’ typo.
        I hope The Arm sued the limbs off the organizers.

  11. Just sayin'

    God, the memories. I drank myself sober there. Quite strange. Slept in the Hare Krishna tent and had their soup for breakfast. In the middle of the night I was woken by a Dub going through my pockets.

  12. Paul Moloney

    Only went to Feile once, the ’93 one. I’m not the ebstemious type for the the smell of stale beer in the entire town put me off drink for the entire weekend. Almost as bad as not being able to escape from Semple Stadium when the Sawdoctors came on.


  13. Jerra

    Why wasn’t there loads of different stages so that you would be guaranteed to not see one of the artists you paid to see?

  14. Sockie

    Did Feile 91 require a detour to Wicklow Town? The last pic is the remains of a summer disco in the Supervalue car park in the middle of the town. I don’t remember the saw doctors turning up.

  15. dylad

    I arrived just as Transvision vamp finished and met all the ‘people’ leaving as Elvis Costello started. Was hell on earth. Pogues were shite but the La’s and Black crowes were OK.

  16. Shockmaster

    There are some very similar photos (clothing and age of subjects apart) in the Magnum Ireland book, taken at the Puck Fair in the 70’s.

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