Ma, He Used A Pencil


Architect James Horan’s drawings of Dublin for the book, 25 Views of Dublin (1994).

Aaron McAllorum writes:

These are pencil drawings of Dublin streetscapes and landmarks. I thought they were absolutely brilliant and are on display in Dublin Castle, in public view. One of the many good ideas OPW [Office of Public Works] has had over the years; they use department and public building walls as galleries much the same way the likes of the Ormonde Wine bar [Ormond Quay, Dublin] do/did.

The exact locations, anyone?

20 thoughts on “Ma, He Used A Pencil

  1. marvingirly

    College green, Mater hospital, Christchurch cathedral from Nicholas St, south view of Portobello bridge, Thomas St, Dublin City council fruit market.

    1. Bird Willy assosiates

      I don’t know why the perspective is so shit in all of these, but in the originals they’re perfect.

  2. Jack Ascinine

    The Passport building easily has the largest collection of these on display with no less than 25 of these hanging in one crappy corridor.

    Look for them soon on eBay.

  3. ZipAhDeeDooDah

    1. Foster Place, looking toward Trinity College
    2. Ah here…
    3. Nicholas Street, looking toward Christchurch
    4. South Richmond Street, looking toward Rathmines
    5. Temple Street, looking toward Eccles Street
    6. Mary’s Lane

  4. Red Star Blanch

    1. College Green
    2. Hueston Station
    3. Christchurch
    4. Dames Street
    5. Temple Street
    6. Dublin City Market

  5. Skimmage

    No.2 heuston station,r:29,s:100,i:91

  6. rayray

    Love that one of Mary Lane fruit market, I used to walk along there every day when I first moved to Dublin :)

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