Right Now, On Upper Mount Street


Gabriel Byrne and Stanley Townsend on the set of Quirke in central Dublin, minutes ago.

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(Pix: Oisín)

15 thoughts on “Right Now, On Upper Mount Street

  1. Tommy

    In other news, the Wesley Quirke has a new 6 part series. Expect a fresh and hilarious take on the north/south side divide with the extremely privileged Quirke doing his best knacker impressions for laughs.

    1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

      I read this today and I thought oh crap! I would rather sit down through a series of the Office of Hope and RTE Special fly on the wall office type mocumentory on the work of Youth Defence.

        1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

          I am on my way to RTE now, wait actually might be better pitching it to TV3 they will show anything

    2. Grumpyoldman

      Well he would be able to do impressions of knackers, his father having made millions off them for years.

      1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

        Sadly having been in the company of the spanner Quirke it is not an impression it is what he believes working class people in Dublin are like!

  2. postmanpat

    Might be good. As long as its not one of those awful new Sky1 produced that have all been torture to sit through.

  3. Big Mad Bond Fan

    Number plates appear to be of modern pressed aluminium type as opposed to having separate letters and numbers, wrong font, also still looks like the ZV plates are on the cars.

    Authentic EPIC FAIL!

    1. Dave

      Yes this whole series has been ruined for me now! When will producers learn about authentic number plate reproduction!
      He may as well whip out his iphone!

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