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    1. ABM

      If you look a bit closer, you’ll see women out helping too. But in your liberal outlook, it’s probably “sexist” for only men to do the heavy lifting and be up and down ladders. How un-PC of pro-lifersto be engaging in “gender” discrimination. Pity liberals like yourself don’t have anything to say about sex-selective abortions.

      1. factoftheday

        I was routinely made hang up pro life posters with my father when I was little because a) I was a child and b) I was a girl. And he told me that was why. I got an ice cream for selling out every time.

      2. factoftheday

        Also, sex-selective abortions are a reflection of the problems in society, not in the problems of the procedure existing. Why do parents feel they can’t bring women into the world?

          1. factoftheday

            ABM is the best pro-life troll we have on Broadsheet. Stop being so intolerant to intolerance and go hug some tofu you left wing barbarian.

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          T’is like buying a dog – its just handier to get a male dog – less chance of a litter.

          Hang on!

          If there was abortion for dogs, I would definitely get a bitch!

          Someone should look into that

          1. Sidewinder

            Actually the problem with male dogs is they bugger off as soon as they get a sniff off a bitch.

            There’s just as much of a chance of a litter you have either dog or bitch, the only difference with a dog is you might know there is one.

      3. Arbs

        Snigger! Youth attack is about as near as you’ll get to a woman ABM. But then again given your interesting comments about “seminary life”, I sense a little confusion. My, my your were late onto this one: a full 25 minutes after posting. Get up late today? Diddums. Thank for the mirth yesterday by mentioning certain notable private schools which are doubtless as far removed from your reality as it is possible to get. Happy trolling today! Keep hydrated and make sure you’ve got some absorbable paper for all the bile and your “other” activities online which inevitably reek of smug if eventually tragic hypocrisy. Mind how you go!

        1. ABM

          Not all said Catholic schools are private. Imagine that. A church catering to all demographics. You really ought to get out more and stop harassing people online.

          1. Arbs

            “You really ought to get out more and stop harassing people online”. ROFL. Are you actually serious? From anyone else…Cura te ipsum!

          2. Sidewinder

            Church doesn’t cater to all demographics at all. What utter BS. My sister stopped trying to get my niece baptised after three priests lecutred her for being a single mother and they don’t provide marriage services to gay people, nor do they have to treat them equally when employing them.

            Every demographic my arse.

  1. Sidewinder

    Is it me or does that say the date is 18th of January? Because if it is they’re in for massive fine.

      1. ReproBertie

        4 days notice to DCC before posters are erected and 7 days before the protest so they are up too early if the date is 18.1.13.

        1. Justin

          Rabble have posted this on their Facebook:

          ‘People might like to email engineering@dublincity.ie as the ‘Unite for Life’ posters are advertising an event on 19th Jan, against postering rules. Suggest you copy & paste this:

          To whom it may concern:

          ‘Unite For Life’ have put up temporary posters on Dublin City Council property in the Dublin 2 & Dublin 8 area and elsewhere in contravention of the Protocol to advertise events and meetings.

          They claim 300 posters have gone up. The posters are advertising an event a month away – 3pm 19th January 2013. The protocol states ‘Posters are not to be erected more than 7 days prior to a meeting/event.’

          I hope the correct action will be taken swiftly by the council and await your reply.

          Regards, […]’

        1. hardnottotroll

          sticking up signs like these is not allowed except during the period between when a general election has been called and a couple of days after the vote.

          tear these all down. if people want to voice their opinions great. let them march. I don’t need to see fetuses at every turn. obnoxious.

          1. ReproBertie

            Your information is incorrect.

            They are also permitted to advertise an upcoming protest.

            These appear to be up earlier than allowed for the protest though so I’m sure DCC are taking them down for that reason.

      1. Leela2011

        have no issue with free speech and protests from Pro-Life groups but YD have been bombarding us with lies, fueled by money donated from abroad. Was disappointed that a normally dignified group like Pro-Life Campaign, hooked up with YD at the Vigil4Life. Most people are for free speech – it’s when a group crosses a line that it really gets to reasonable people

      2. Lounsey

        You obviously have 0 idea how free speech actually works. (also, were you under the impression that Ireland has free speech? Cause it totally doesn’t)

  2. Steo

    How did they get the Santa hat onto the little bugger? Get your socks on, Pro-Supreme Court/ -ECHR crowd. The Pro-Lifers have tiny in utero Santa hats and they’re NOT afraid to use them.

    1. ReproBertie

      I’m waiting for the Virgin Mary and the infant Christ posters with Jesus thanking Mary for not aborting him.

      ’tis the season after all.

      1. Pedanto

        I think we could come up with an inspirational country song for them. “It was Christmas Eve at the abortion clinic, and little Polly Hopkins was standing in the snow, thinking about that new life inside her and how it had to die. Just then a young woman walked up. She was a pro-lifer, and Polly was scared, like the Liberals had taught her to be. Imagine her surprise when the young woman held out a bowl of soup and began to song a song. A song that went something like this….”

        1. Mani

          O Lord this ladies got a life inside her
          She needs a holy helping hand to guide her
          Before the train leaves the station
          And she gets that termination
          Please place your loving hands on her vagin-er

      2. huppenstoo

        I’d go for one of Mary saying “If I’d been able to have an abortion, it would have saved the world an awful lot of trouble”

  3. Drogg

    Remember when the IRA used to beat the crap out of heroin dealers in their area. Why don’t the pro choice people set up something like that, frankly i would sleep sounder at night if i knew there was roving bands of angry feminists wandering the streets with baseball bats ready to cap youth defense nutters and it would cost the state nothing.

    Cause obviously my tax money is doing sweet f**k all if the one street in the country thats always full of gardai this stuff isn’t halted.

  4. martco

    1/ fill a clean washingup bottle with petrol or (similar flammable liquid)
    2/ approach offending and illegal posterboard and squirt a small quantity onto it
    3/ take your small propane torch and ignite the pile of shite
    4/ stand back and admire your good work….burn babeee burn!!!

    1. Pedanto

      Talk about distributing inflammatory material….

      Seriously, don’t do that, kids. Fire is hard to control and I have the scarred buttocks to prove it. Bloody boarding school.

    1. paul

      nope, you have 7 days to take down or council may remove and you may be liable to a fine (that’s to allow for a bit of leeway if you miss one or two).

      This is definitely illegal and you can see why the Youth Defence shower had hidden the dates on their promo shot on facebook.

      1. Lounsey

        These guys have money to burn obviously. They aren’t stupid, they knew the signs would be torn down…. they know the regulations. They obviously have enough money that it doesn’t even matter if 300 of their posters are torn down within a day.The impact is worth it.

        I can’t *wait* till they get investigated and the Irish public can finally see the American Christians that fund this shit.

    1. Mani

      Yes, clearly the photos were taken from right-wing Jewish anti-abortion organisation. They’ve superimposed the santy hats over yarmulkes.

  5. Klarticus

    Seems to me that they are so well funded that any “massive fine” they might incur is a calculated risk.
    Its counter productive to censor these Posters as they serve to prove how batshit crazy YD are.

    1. Lounsey

      I’m more concerned with the women who have had abortions having to see this crap while Christmas shopping than I am about YD looking like mad yokes (which they most definitely do… apparently they’ve started pre-screening their fb page comments. The hate has gotten so bad they can’t delete it fast enough!)

  6. Srsly?

    A foetus wearing a Santa hat? The sonographer will be dining out for years on that story… Oh, wait…

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