Would You Like This Bottle?


2013 marks 25 years since the Dublin Millenium.

Happy, joyous times.

To celebrate Niall from TShocks.net has rebooted the famous Millenium milk bottle for  a new millenium whenever that may be.

The re-usable bottles come in 2 sizes 500ml and 1L.

Perfect for the damn vintage retro ironic hipster in your family.

We have  5 – yes FIVE –  of the large bottles to give away (and will be delivered before Xmas should you reside in Dublin) in a one-in-a- Milk-enium giveaway

Just finish this sentence.

My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……

The five judged finest will secure a bottle EACH..

Lines close at 2.45pm 4.45pm.

The bottles are available to buy at Designist on South Great George’s or online at Tshock.net. Niall will also be selling them from his stall all at the Christmas Market at the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street) this afternoon from 4-10pm.

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75 thoughts on “Would You Like This Bottle?

  1. Ken

    The 50p pieces, of course. And my weird “OMG, I HAVE TO COLLECT THESE” obsession that resulted in about 100 of them down the bottom of my toy chest when I finally cleared it out as an adult.

  2. The Rooster

    My Da’s old neighbour in Cabra giving me one of the fifty pence pieces, never forgot Mrs Cunningham as a result.

    1. Rufticus

      Was literally the first thing that came to mind before I read the blurb after the pic. Odd. I wonder what Paramount Studios would make of it?

  3. Bangalore

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is the giant model of Gulliver they had floating in the Liffey

  4. MREY

    When I’d all but accepted that my “51-10”,
    Would explode the very second the clock hit 12am,
    But alas it was saved, no excitement or dramas,
    And I slinked back to bed in my Christmas pyjamas.

  5. Clockwork Green

    The Birds pecking the red alunimium tops and destoying the milk, but it was the 80s so we had to drink it!

  6. Leela2011

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is…. fancying one of the boys who delivered the milk ;-p

    1. Ken


      Now I just need to have that argument with my parents over whether they’re technically mine or theirs…

  7. Moog

    Assemblys in primary school where we had to learn traditional Dublin songs… Including Monto. Nothing more appropriate than getting 300 kids under 12 to sing about losing a mot up the Furry Glen.

  8. dee

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is…… going home to my mothers house and seeing an original 1988 milk bottle rotting under the sink but still being told i cant have it. grrr

  9. mickmick

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……the big row over whether we were celebrating the millenium in the wrong year.

  10. JJ

    The year 1988 was going fine, until my favourite cat got squashed on the road – 28th October, it was a Wednesday. Bin day was a Wednesday too. The bin truck didn’t take him away though, because we got there first. Buried in the back garden. Listening to A-ha on my yellow walkman helped to get me through. I hope I win this millenum milk bottle.

  11. frillykeane

    ’cause t’was all ye had to celebrate in ’88

    So why not repeat it in 2013? ‘Cause I can put it alongside my Cork 800 one
    Ta. And Happy Christmas

  12. Jackz

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……hard to recall since I was born in the Rotunda in the millenium year and was likely still on the breastmilk not the milkman’s.

  13. Iwerzon

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is……the way Han Solo and Chewie could manouvre it through the astroid belt!

  14. Brendan Kavanagh

    …is that nobody called it the aluminium, Just a few nobs who considered themselves wits. Their off spring do the 12 pubs of Christmas and follow the Irish soccer team.

  15. Philip

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is… Sticking the lids to my shoes and pretending I was tap dancing.

  16. Rob

    Holy jaysus, 30 comments and no-one has mentioned the misspelling of “millennium” throughout the article!

  17. seany_delight

    ‘Aluminium Schmaluminium’ I work on Merrion Street. And no not ‘in there’….

    I can collect it when evs.
    Gis’ one or I’ll tell Nidge you were slaggin’ his ma

  18. Brownasaurus Rex

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is… being born. ‘Twas a viscous affair. Much like the milk, I suppose.

  19. Klarticus

    My memory of the millenium was the pedantic school teacher we had who disagreed with the whole thing 1) because it was a blatant rip off of the Cork Bicentennial celebrations
    2) because Dublin was far older than 1000 years old
    3) the correct word was apparently “millenary”

    All the above & ray Houghton too

  20. Big Mad Bond Fan

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is…
    The ‘Time in the Slime’. And there was a machine on O’Connell Bridge which would print a postcard of the countdown.

    1. mickmick

      That was the countdown to the year 2000 I think. And it didn’t go in the liffey till the mid/late 90s

  21. Dublinentendre

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ were the commemorative syringes with yellow, blue and red tassels that were sold by Digs Murphy on O’Connell Bridge for 50p. I still have one somewhere that I use for special occasions like. Apart from that I can’t remember a damned thing.

  22. Continuity Jay-Z

    My abiding memory of Dublin circa 1988 s being chased by Bang Bang, the crazy dancing old wan and Lugs Brannigan after robbing King Burger.

  23. rugbyfan

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is Ireland at the Euros.
    The smugness of teh English players on the bus traveling to the ground as shown on ITV.
    Ray Houghton making sure they left the stadium a little less Smug
    Ronnie Whelan shinning it past the Russian goalkeeper who was the best in the world at the time.
    Then the heartbreak of a spinning ball against the Dutch.
    Good times as witnessed by a 12 year old!
    I also started in Secondary school in September and I remember how daunting it was…..

    Yes a year I would love to live again.

    PS. Is it a Transformer on the bottle?

  24. Niall C

    What I remember most about the ‘aluminium’ (if that’s what we’re talking about) is not only the birds pecking the top of the bottles to get at the cream, but my nanny’s remarkable inginuity in leaving an egg cup outside the door every night so the milk man could pop it on top of the milk bottle! Take THAT pesky birds!!

  25. Sparks

    Carmencita Hederman as Lord Mayor. Van the Man playing a free gig in College Green. Doing my Leaving Cert, and then buying an inter-rail ticket to get as far away from it as I could.

  26. fairy queen

    My memory of Dublin in 1988 was that the pubs closed at 11.30pm – same time that the last bus departed and you couldn’t get a taxi for love nor money. Seeing as it was 1988, probably couldn’t afford one anyway.

  27. Two Left Feet

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is spending the commemorative millenium 50p the second i got one from my mother, rather than keep as a heirloom

  28. Parp

    When Derek Davis walked in a pile of horeshite when he was the grandmaster of the parade in the Finglas Festival.

  29. CuteHoor

    My one abiding memory of the ‘aluminium’ is years later, my parents telling me the reason they had me is because of it, I was a “surprise”

  30. H

    My one abiding memory is being bitterly disappointed that the highly anticipated laser show consisted of just one green flash across the sky due to a technical fault, epic fail as they say now.

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