Our Christmas Timetable


We are beginning to  start proper drinking now wind down right now.

We will be posting sporadically over the weekend and Christmas Eve.

AND Bodger, Ewok, Emily,  Moynes, Aidan and Chompsky will be working as ‘normal’ on Christmas Day.

Broadsheet: The Christmas Liveblog kicks off at 7am, December 25 should you find yourself at a loose end. There will be tay.

Happy Christmas to all.

Take it away, Ro’


48 thoughts on “Our Christmas Timetable

  1. McD

    Happy Christmas! And thanks for all the epic time wasting opportunities you have offered me, and mine all throughout 2012.

    Keep up the good work!
    Mwah x.

  2. EMac

    Merry Christmas to all at BS from South Sudan. You guys have kept a exile informed and entertained all year.

  3. Domestos

    I’m just glad I can cease the improper drinking I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks. Knackered.

    Seasons greetings everyone!

  4. Fat Frog

    Youse are the best. Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year filled with hotness, things shaped like Ireland and dancing kittens. xx

  5. SDaedalus

    Happy Christmas, guys. Thanks for keeping me going through bad times and hopefully better times. Your work is much appreciated. Best of luck for the New Year!

  6. Miles O'Tool

    Jaysus lads, why did you have to spoil it by posting that video?

    There are some special songs that people should have to get permission before they record them!

    Bloody Ronan should have to get permission anytime he leave his house.

    Oh, Happy Christmas as well!

  7. Lunar Lupin

    Its my birthday on Xmas day and I couldn’t think of a better/ slightly different way to spend it, than with you guys.



    Have a jolly good Xmas lovely broadsheet people.

  8. Praetorian.

    Cheers folks…..have a good one.
    Thanks for the hours lost that i shall never get back.
    ……..but yiz are worth it.

  9. Humans Eh!

    Happy Christmas Broadsheet, thanks for another clicktastic year of timewasting absolute bollox whimsical amusing interwebs.
    Peace n’ Puddin’ to yez all.
    – Humans Eh! –

  10. The Hatstand

    On behalf of the Irish Diaspora, thanks for everything during the year.*

    The Hatstand

    *except that bloody Ronan Keating video

  11. Pedanto

    Have a good one. You’ve been on a hot streak recently. I only pray you don’t find someone taking an iPad photograph of a sprout that looks like Ireland.

  12. Tickle

    I <3 you all.

    Thanks for the giggles.

    Merry crimbo and a happy new year to you all. Let the drinking games begin.

  13. B Bop

    Merry Merry Chrimbo , you assorted jolly group of superb Hipster-like folk!
    It truly is a daily snortastic joy to read the funny happenings in this great little country.
    Wishing all fellow BS readers & commentators a Merry season too!
    Sure where would you get it.

  14. stoirm

    Happy Christmas!
    Wonderful site
    Wonderful People
    I feel a limerick coming on…

    Here’s to more epic news stories and timewasting loveliness in 2013!

    **Season’s greetings to all at Broadsheet!** :)

  15. Trish

    Happy Christmas! In that video Moya Brennan sings ‘you’re cheap and you’re haggard’ instead of ‘cheap lousy faggot’ . *groan*

  16. Santa Claus

    Ho ho ho! Thanks for keeping myself and Mrs Claus entertained all year! The elves have been busy making the presents for the big delivery on Monday night, Ewok’s list was particularly long but Mrs Claus said we couldn’t disappoint him! Can’t ruin the surprise… I hope he’s been good this year!! Don’t forget to leave the Tintin in the North Pole poster ready for collection, Mrs Claus is very excited – she says he reminds her of me when I was younger! I should be flattered I suppose!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  17. Sheila

    Thanks Broadsheet for the past year, and where would it be without the brilliant commentors?
    The only website that I return to again and again, great quality and good laughs, happy, joyous Christmas to you all and a great New Year…

  18. EBS

    Work productivity Level 95%

    Post Broadsheet:
    Work Productivity Level 65%

    Thank you and happy Christmas.

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