So, We Had This Idea For A Buke


Ah here.

Broadsheet’s Aidan Coughlan (he of the US Election night bike trauma) is currently in high level negotiations with New Island books to bring this little gangster out before St Patrick’s Day.

He’s also contacting those of you who sent in unspecified items that look like Ireland to secure YOUR permission to use YOUR images in this lavishly illustrated coffee cup holder companion.

That’s not all.

Should the absurd endeavour make any money we will give it to a selected charidee of YOUR choice. Please send deserving causes suggestions marked ‘Ireland Charity Book” to (before Monday 7am).

Also: green or red?

Design and shape may change before publication. Cover photo: Courtesy of Lynn Donovan.

74 thoughts on “So, We Had This Idea For A Buke

  1. frillykeane

    Since none of my submissions made the cut ye can do what ye like.

    That “Eat Irish” Chicken Nugget was discriminated against since it didn’t originate in D2


    1. Aidan Coughlan

      Hi Dublinentendre,

      This is just a visual aid to announce the book; the finished product will be a different shape, and significantly cleaned up in terms of the final details!

      Thanks, Aidan

  2. Aaron

    I read an article on *hushed tone* another website that claims people are happier when they donate a large sum of money to a variety of good causes rather just one organisation. Just saying..

    1. Parp

      I’m sure the next homeless/sick/disabled/poor person you meet in need of some assistance will be delighted that a puppy got to have a nice dinner.

      1. Robert Smith

        I’m with nessa, loads of people look out for people, very few think of the dogs or cats.
        DSPCA all the way

        1. B Bop

          DSPCA all the way -hideous cruelty to defenceless animals, sterling work by all hero staff, no fancy charidee lunches, expenses, or big salaries (like 2 children’s charities we know)-every penny is used.
          Come on Broadsheet -we know you love the dogs!

      2. Nessy

        @Parp without getting into an argument, the facilities/foundations to help the venerable people you mentioned are there. There’s plenty of charities assisting those in need but from someone who knows first hand the struggles of the DSPA have to come up with funding to feed and house animals that were abandoned is astonishing. Abandoned dogs and cats and other animals can hardly walk into SVDP and ask for 20 cent for a cheap tin of dog/cat food. Neither can they sit begging on the street with a withered coffee cup

    1. Aidan Coughlan

      Hi SOMK,

      This is just a visual aid to announce the book; the finished product will be a different shape, and significantly cleaned up in terms of the final details!

      Thanks, Aidan

  3. Sparks

    Green. And you should set up a charity for the support of people who are unfortunate enough to look like Ireland themselves.

  4. Nookie

    Neither green nor red. Just text. Let the picture do the talking (especially that one- classic). Also, smaller text, cleaner font.
    Well done on organising book. Hope pics are good enough quality for print.

  5. Conor

    Green and the Williams Syndrome Association of Ireland. They’re not a well known charity but they really deserve some recognition

  6. Cheese

    Green looks better to me too…

    Why not give the money to those American ‘missionaries’ that were coming here? Could get a few authentic Irish kilts too…

  7. Grumpyoldman

    “of the US Election night bike trauma”

    Like we’d mark American elections in our mind’s calendars.

    Good luck with book though.

  8. Spaghetti Hoop

    In aid of sick kids.
    And I want an invite to a wine and nibble-laden book launch – not a “Meanwhile at our wine and nibble-laden book launch…” post.

  9. frillykeane

    Anyone remember the tree in Goleen that started this lookie Likey off?

    That should be on the cover.

    D’mind the colour. Whatever’s the cheapest to print.

    And if possible, Lifeboats and Mountain Rescue groups for a cut too .

  10. Chris

    I’d say green and possibly go with a larger amount of smaller regional charities who really could benefit from smaller donations.

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