We Don’t Normally Do This



Liam MacAlinney writes:

My cousin is in India and he found an Irish passport. It’s Tomas Darren Hopkins from Mayo, Date Of Birth: 19/04/1977.  If someone knows him it can be got to him. Thanks

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  1. agriolouloudo

    Fair play to your cousin, although if he’s not close to an Irish embassy/consulate, maybe he could send it to the passports office in Dublin, as registered post? P.S. I hope he gets it back :)

    1. Pad

      He’s going to need to get to an Irish consulate one way or another to leave the country.
      May as well send it to New Dehli if you can’t get in touch with him.

      1. agriolouloudo

        Sorry, PAD. My point was, if/ when Thomas realises that his passport is missing, he might contact the passport office in Dublin, in the hope that a decent person found it and let them know. All it takes is a phonecall from the person who found it, so the owner of the passport can then prove their identity- even if it means parents/family in Ireland have to produce proof of identification for their son to their local Garda station. Are you being cynical or do you know more than you’ve already implied?

        1. Pad

          I’m assuming Tomas is in India right now. He won’t be able to leave the country without the passport.
          He’ll be in touch with a consulte/embassy to get an emergency passport. It’s more use to him in the embassy in New Dehli than the passport office in Dublin.

          1. Domhnall Mc

            Don’t send it to the passport office. Any passport sent the them is automatically destroyed no-matter the circumstances and then it’ll cost him a fortune to get it sorted. I would contact the consulate, let them know you have it and send it to them then.

      1. James

        Definitely! Yes. I still would had I not lost my disc-man and the fake sound of progress CD when I went to that Taking back Sunday gig.I used to use a bit of lube for the high tempo treat that is Liberation Transmission…. gets a little vigorous in parts.

        1. John Joe Brethren

          Thanks for your kind advice, sir. I was a bit worried after the charges made against their singer that I would be committing some kind sin vicariously. But now I feel ok. Happy xmas to you!

      1. Fat Frog

        Hurray for kind, thoughtful people. And hurray for the BS grouches too who spice things up a bit with their crankiness.

  2. Murtles

    Is that Hoppy Hopkins from Charlestown? If ye find him tell him he owes me a fifty spot from the Easter Poker Game of ’09 and that a Straight still beats a Flush in ’12. I want my money Hopkins……

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