31 thoughts on “Are There Any Shops Open?

    1. jack


      should they be home stuffing their faces ? not everyone is religious or conventional (thank goodness)

  1. Chris

    Richmond Street – two of the shops are open, alongside some fruit and veg place. Also there’s a cafe open at the top of Camden St at Kelly’s corner junction.

  2. sevens

    Though currently 9,500km away is be fairly confident that the newsagent in Dun Laoghaire is open. Can’t remember the name…

    1. missred

      John’s Corner Shop – tis where to get your week-old newspapers. Might take a stroll if I run out of smokes

  3. Conor

    Centra (or is it Spar?) on Parnell St at the back of the ilac centre is supposed to be open all day. The Texaco in Killester is supposed to be open all day too. Haven’t checked either though.

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