Christmas With Michael Collins


It got a bit hairy betimes.

From Tim Pat Coogan’s The Man Who Made Ireland:

Fascinating insight.

Or hoary old chestnut roasting on an open fire.

YOU decide.

The Man Who Made Ireland by Tim Pat Coogan (Amazon)

Pic via GeneralMichaelCollins

Thanks Sibling Of Daedalus

10 thoughts on “Christmas With Michael Collins

  1. sinabhfuil

    And just a couple of years later Collins would be dead, and four months after that, his buddies would take Rory O’Connor out of where he’d been languishing in jail and murder him. Happy days.

    1. Steve

      ….because he ignored the will of the Irish people that accepted the provisions of the Free State Treaty (75% to be exact) and engaged in an act of treason by occupying the Four Courts.

      Happy Christmas.

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