Is This You Or Someone You Know This Christmas?


Do If, like us, you find Christmas can be a dark, forbidding time of forced jollity, boredom and existential dread?

You may appreciate this Xmas short made by Leon Butler and Starlight Labs, Galway so.

Thanks Leon

5 thoughts on “Is This You Or Someone You Know This Christmas?

  1. Susan

    I hate Christmas and have done so since 2007. I endorse this clip. Christmas is forcing a false reality on people and when the real reality breaks out and the erring family member causes trouble, the scars can be lifelong.

    1. agriolouloudo

      I agree Susan, I love to see others enjoying it, especially children but unfortunately, life ain’t like a Norman Rockwell painting (or an ESB advert). I hope the new year is good to you :)

  2. SDaedalus

    We all spend so much of our time hiding behind masks, and not just out of pride, sometimes when we take the mask down people don’t want to know. And every year I wonder whether, on balance, Christmas causes more sorrow than joy. Lovely and beautifully done.

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