The Sales: They Also Serve


Conor McCarthy with Hillary Lynch (top 2 pics) and John Murphy with Ann Bourke at the BT sale in Grafton Street, Dublin, this morning.

‘Patient’ John and ‘Picky’ Ann are from Trim, Co Meath and travelled to Dublin at 6am apparently unmoved by their hometown’s memorable pre-Christmas marketing blitz.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

21 thoughts on “The Sales: They Also Serve

        1. frillykeane

          Well given that he’s going bald and has that clammy nervous pallor about him I’d say he do well to shut up and pay for all those bags for her.

          Actually I’d say he’s a step brother or rich cousin and not a boyfriend.

          1. frillykeane

            Rich people are lapping up their holidays. Not trapsing around town on Stephens Day looking for bargains and shop soiled discounts.

            Now I don’t do well on style and fashion, rich and poor, but I do know wearing gloves indoors is a bit ‘off’

            He’s probably inta tag rugby

            Jus’ saying.

          2. Emma

            How nice. Making assumptions based solely on a picture, picking out faults on a person you don’t know and judging them. Well that’s just Christmas spirit in a nutshell isn’t it.

  1. Eve

    Why do women drag their loved ones on shopping trips like this? Would you not be better off shopping with someone who cares about this stuff, rather than inflict this on your other half??
    You’d never catch Mr Eve outside a changing room. It’s not worth the hassle.

  2. David O'Leary

    Saps going to Sales on 26th of December. No fucking life every last mother fucking one of them. It’s pathetic.

  3. frillykeane

    Jesus Christ.
    I’m still in me jimjams … Since last night.

    And those ejits are in town since this morning.

    That’s unnatural.

  4. spider

    This is everything that’s wrong with the world. I can’t believe these people allowed themselves to be photographed in that state… How utterly embarrassing.

  5. Mollie

    Why is the gentleman wearing gloves indoors ?

    If I had the choice would I buy one of those handbags and keep a family alive in China or would I not buy the handbag and spend the money on goats or calves or whatever it is for Africa to keep a family alive over there. Of course in the real world if I had the spare money I’d pay most of my bills and splash out on not one but 3 TV licence stamps.

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