I’m just saying you might get sick of the wet weeks, 
the wet jeans, wet socks, wet funerals and wet streets
 and it’s all getting a little harder to justify, roaring ‘We Are Your Friends’ at heads you don’t know in a gaff you’ve never been before
 and you never will be again, as London and Sydney swallow your mates;
 Any craic? No, youse fucked off.

Just Saying.

A crowd-funded spoken word video by Dave Tynan.

Mike Donnelly writes:

Really great little short about emigration. Pretty apt at the moment and I think it sums the feelings of a generation quite well. Written and Directed by Dublin native (soon to be London bound) David Tynan.

Conor Horgan adds:

Poignant, witty and moving, with a spot-on ending.


Produced by Kennedy Films Ltd


Dave Tynan (Fundit)