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Ego The Enemy – Harm’s Way Reunion

Jeff Dowling writes:

Featuring a banker at the Central Bank, a politician outside the Dáil and a knife-wielding psycho hell-bent on revenge hunting them down. Plus of course, a healthy dose of rock and roll.


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Producer: Jeff Dowling; Directors: Evelyn Ryan & Rob Rainsford; Camera: Jeff Dowling; Editor: Evelyn Ryan; Lights: Karl Ellis; Featuring: Joe Lowther. Shot on location in Dublin, Ireland and at Lispopple Studios

5 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. David Higgins

    Poor guy just happened to walk by the central bank, other poor guy just happened to shake hands with another guy outside the Dáil. After all you can clearly see the gates of Leinster House are closed for the summer recess.

    Chances of either being a top level banker or politician are low :P

    But I love the ending. The system we so often bitch about, we ourselves are an integral part of. We only shoot ourselves in the foot by trying to take it down.

    1. johnthebaptist

      – 1 billion.

      The vast vast majority of people within any micro or macroscopic view of capitalism you want to take (whether its a company, a country,or the world at large) are integral elements to the system in the same way black africans were an integral part of the cotton industry.

      Decent tune all round.

    2. seriously sam

      Totally disagree with you on this one David. The Irish public are absolutely nothign to do with the scam of the banks and govt throwing a death load of debt at the innocent. Destroying the country in the process.

  2. Dee O'Brien

    I guess that’s the point? These big institutions have ruined our country but no one ever takes any blame or faces any consequences. I loved it, great song too.

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