Is This Your Dog?


We don’t normally do this.


Jean writes:

I was hoping you could post about this lovely dog we found outside our house – James’ Walk, Rialto, Dublin 8 – this morning [Friday, December 28] and see if there’s an owner we could reunite it with.
It’s a medium sized black and white dog, looks like it could be part collie. It has distinctive freckle-like black spots on its muzzle and feet. It’s very friendly, was found running around on the road so has no road sense, and responds to ‘sit’ so we think it could be a pet (no collar though).



12 thoughts on “Is This Your Dog?

  1. Sheila

    no collar is a bad sign.

    check for a chip, which would mean bringing to a vet or dog trust type place (assume they’d have the scanner too).

    the dog looks lovely btw, dog or a bitch?

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Fairly standard Collie/Springer cross. Great dogs for a family loads of energy and require allot of attention and exercise.
    I hope it finds its way home

  3. RealWorld

    There is a charity group which might be able to help you spread the word so the dog can fine his owner. Thanks

  4. jean

    Thanks to everyone who shared this and offered helpful suggestions – no owner came forward for ‘Meg’ (as we called her) and we checked all the lost pet listings and no-one was looking for a dog of this description, so we’re pretty sure she got abandoned. It’s hard to fathom that anyone would do that to such a lovely, gentle, sweet-natured dog, but apparently it’s happening a lot these days.

    The good news is that we found her a new home and we think she’ll be really happy there. It’s a family in Cork with a big garden, two kids and another dog for her to play with. Yay! :)

    1. jean

      Oh meant to add – we took her to the vet and she wasn’t microchipped, but was spayed, which added to the feeling that someone had once owned her but then dumped her.

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