The Voice Bus Shelter Ad Weirdness


26 thoughts on “The Voice Bus Shelter Ad Weirdness

  1. Jess

    Eh, looks more like the three white people are just really washed-out by the black background. They don’t actually look greyscale to me… just really pale.

  2. Dublinentendre

    Black people on RTE?
    I thought they have strict over 60, IQ under 5, male and white policy, preferably with deep personality disorders and an annoying voice.

    The ‘Turn it off’ graffiti urge is strong in this one.

  3. Sido

    Huh – Ireland is officially a multicultural nation – As anyone who watches “The Angelus” would know!

  4. TG

    I’ve seen the advert at bus shelters myself. This photo doesn’t show it properly.

    The three white people’s photos have had an effect applied to completely wash them out and are ‘almost’ greyscale.

    The black person’s photo in not modified at all and is in true-to-life colour.

    I had thought it was very strange myself when I saw it.

  5. Nelson McCausland

    They’re in the prison that Superman baddies like Zod are in. Sharon’s still a big ride.

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