Would You be So Kindle?


Lou Lou writes:

I know you don’t usually do this… but there is a wonderful 95-year-old lady, Eillen, who has travelled to Dingle, [Co Kerry] for the new years’s break.. she’s immobile and was given a Kindle for Christmas, for which her grandson forgot to pack the charger. I was wondering if anyone in Dingle would be able to lend Eileen a charger so she’s able to read the books she’s got on her Kindle? It’s all she wants to do and all she needs is a lend of a charger. It’s a long shot, but I thought I’d check.



44 thoughts on “Would You be So Kindle?

  1. Tom

    The Kindle charger isn’t Kindle specific, its the same charger as most smartphones these days, I know my HTC USB lead has the exact same input.

    1. Leela2011

      Yep, you can use any generic cable with wall-plug attachment. You can definitely get both in the larger Tescos

  2. Katie

    Id say if you ask in one of the hotels they might be able to give you a lend, most have a few chargers behind the desk!

  3. Ya

    It’s microusb. I usually charge my kindle from the usb port of my computer. It’s highly likely that at least someone in the house has a micro usb cable, even for plugging their camera into their pc or for charging their smartphone.

    1. Stephen

      There should be a shop called the Dingle Dongle shop in Dingle! Like a Cheesemongers in Nazareth called “Cheeses of Nazareth”.

  4. GoodCod

    I’d be more than willing if I was local but I’m too far away.

    Like other people said HTC chargers will work or the usb to micro USB cables from some hard drives, phones or things.

  5. Woahtherehorsey

    My blackberry charger also works on my Kindle. A blackberry charger should be easy enough to find.m

  6. Zackersetu

    I do love these posts… the little glimmers of hope for society that remain. A very simple gesture that is very welcome in today’s cynical world …. as for cynics .. Conski, Murtles, and to an extent dhaughton99, lads … cool the coots … A lady who is probably unfamiliar with technology is upset by the fact that she might run out of battery on the machine her grandson got for her while she is having nice break in Dingle (Which is beautiful) (Someone was being nice and tried to help her out … Stop trolling and if you can do anything constructive to help then do … otherwise feic right off.

    Plenty of people in Dingle (I would but I’m in Dublin alas) would be more than willing to help her out! I agree with the go to a hotel comment!! :)

    1. Barton Keyes

      Yep, honestly these kinds of stories are always welcome on BS. It is genuinely heart warming when you get to see these things resolved. Sure they’re tiny things. But it’s these tiny gestures that show our humanity isn’t lost.

        1. Tickle

          ah OK. I know the 4 and 3 etc have the old large one but I thought there was some EU thing about them all starting to use one type of USB connecter/charger in the future.

          Must have went out the window so!

    1. Thomas

      False. iPhone (iPad and iPod as well) use a proprietary USB port and is incompatible with everything else.

  7. jimmy

    truly a heart warming story. what a great person this is, who selflessly asks the publics help with a problem she could easily sort out herself if she tried to. Irelands sprit is indeed still alive.

    1. Lou Lou

      Was down in Roundstone myself so couldn’t do anything much about it from there, plus clueless about Kindles! I didn’t realise it was such an easy problem to solve. Jimmy you sound pretty mean though, I hope you had a nice NYE to cheer you up and here’s to 2013.

  8. dev8solutions@yahoo.com

    The 5 has a different charger so it would be really hard if you are the only one using it. I hope they didn’t change the port so it wouldn’t be difficult for 5 users to use their phone when they forget to bring their own charger. Anyway, I hope you managed to find a charger for her.

  9. Lou Lou

    Hey guys,

    Thanks a million for all the helpful tips – I’m not too bad on technology myself but didn’t have a clue about Kindles. Plus I was in Roundstone while my mother was in Dingle with Eileen. They were able to use the charger from one of their cameras.

    Hope you all had a great new year holiday.

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