The Gathering Will Continue Until Morale Improves


Where’s my cheque?

RTE’s New Year’s eve ‘gathering’

We expected Bressie.

He’s too beautiful to understand.

But Dougal?


16 thoughts on “The Gathering Will Continue Until Morale Improves

  1. Wayne.F

    Imagine the biggest tourist initiative in the states history & Derry put on a better Fireworks display Morto For ya Leo

  2. Tomboktu

    Your wan on the left in the first two photos, and by herself in the fifth pic, is obviously a parody of that character on Apres Match

  3. Father Filth

    Hans Moleman wouldn’t have looked out of place in that line up.

    Exciting times people!

    Cheer up.. or else..

  4. Dublinentendre

    Why is the set dressed like it is the 1890s?
    Or are they shooting from Bank of Ireland toilets?

  5. Helen

    It looked like a trailer dressed as a Brothel for the night…..and a crowd gawking in to see what’s up…

    And why were the fireworks at 8pm?……..Em, did they not figure out it was supposed to be Midnight?……

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