A Limerick A New Year’s Day


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s true,
Good old Ireland now runs the EU,
We’ll only cause trouble,
Start a property bubble,
And get Merkel smashed on home brew.

John Moynes

16 thoughts on “A Limerick A New Year’s Day

  1. Rita cahull

    We are supplying Are Food” bank Bailouts” Are Farmers are not allowed to Work” because Foriegn Food Supply is been imported To Ireland” our Fishermen cannot fish only EU Countries which by law is Illegal as part of EU agreement set up in 1060s ” EU Have broken every law in The book, now Britain on the other hand get to Take our ESB And Gas And Oil all free of Charge Compliments from Mr E Kenny and Guiltymore Found trap gilmore

  2. Rita cahull

    Major Players in the European Debt Crisis
    A grouping of the key figures who chart the course of Europe’s economy, including national, European and international leaders.
    Enda Kenny_ IRELAND
    Eamon Gilmore_ IRELAND
    Angela merkel_ Germany
    Christine Lagarde _ IMF French
    Francis Hollande _French
    Mariano Rajoy_ Spain
    Antonis Samaras_ Greece
    Mario Draghi _IMF
    Jose Manuel Barrosso_ IMF Chairperson
    Pedro passos Coelho_ portugal
    Obama _USA
    Cameroon _Britain
    Nothern Island Not Irish UK Only

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I think we should give Enda a pay rise, now that he has to do two jobs like… and he’s only the 3rd highest paid politician in Europe as it is. He should be the top now.

    It’s only fair like.

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