18 thoughts on “Who’s For A Popular Beer Of Holland?

    1. goodgrief

      Well an online purchase at Tesco UK for a 650ml bottle is £2.05 so that looks like a bargain.

    1. Sido

      Tesco exited Bayswater you mean?
      It wouldn’t surprise me. – There was a time when they were unstoppable.
      The big change is that they serve their shareholders first and foremost nowadays. And couldn’t give a toss about their customers. PLC mentality

        1. Sido

          I think one of the interesting things about Tesco must be the stated value of their Property Assets on their balance sheet.
          My guess is that they funded their rapid expansion during the nineties by constantly re-appraising the value of their Property.
          If I was a shareholder I would be concerned that their Assets might now be seriously over valued.

          1. mcp

            You’re bang on Sido, and I reckon you know about the dark arts of sale and leaseback. No drain on balance sheet; capital account magicked to p+l. Everything on p+l is taxable or deductible in the same accounting period. Btw, I’m not an accountant, nor a tax specialist, but I have a working knowledge of this stuff, as I’m sure you do.

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