33 thoughts on “Anything Good In Tomorrow’s Mail?

  1. Jeremy Kyle

    And if the prolifers get their way they’ll be selling “Abortion Potions” in Tesco…. Craig Doyle will be on the ads. It’s inevitable.

    1. Jeremy Kyle

      Oh wait prolifers wouldn’t want “Abortion Potions” being sold anywhere?

      What am I talking about.. are those MY feet?

    1. Crotch Goblin

      Sooo, a miscarriage is now ‘a child’. There’s one child in this story who’s deserving of all the care and attention in the world right now, and she hasn’t even entered your consciousness.

      You and your extremist ‘pro – life’ brigade are warped and frankly disgusting.

        1. Humans Eh!

          No problemo Crotch Goblin, even Jeremy Kyle had a senior moment above, but you could at least have waited till ABM said something and then addressed it.

          I was merely alluding to the fact that the story contained abortion, teenage pregnancy, incest and godless witch doctors and it would be fertile ground for an extreme “Look what will happen if we let down our guard” pro-life (I hate that phrase) viewpoint.

          The extremist pro-life brigade would prefer if this sort of thing was simply exported from our sacred shores, while missing the point that it is partially because proper medical intervention is denied to women under any circumstances that these sad events are swept under the carpet and unorthodox ‘solutions’ endanger girls like the poor child in the story.

    1. Arbs

      WOW! in one evening you go from penning a poisoned response to me imagining a vivid and graphic homosexual encounter culminating in a “bloodied underpants” which you impute to me. A comment so lurid it was removed by the BS moderator yet very telling in how graphic you chose to be, doubtless as a result of a certain frenzied fascination you have, garnered from your “internet research”. And now, in a vein of faux piousness, you extol hollow sympathy for the foetus from this questionable story. You are a whole lot of crazy, and I repeat my assertion, seek some help. You may hate yourself but either you sort yourself out or you’ll get even messier.

        1. Karly

          Not so sure. You wouldn’t say that if you had seen the comment (deleted) that ABM posted in response to Arbs relating to the anti-gay marriage commercial. Sick.

  2. Sharrow

    ‘Back street’ abortions have been on the rise in this country for the last 10 years and will keep doing so as desperate women who can’t travel will resort to methods which are not safe or legal.

    This tragic case has come to light as it was a child who has been abused and then needed help. I hope that those who abused her feel the full extent of the law.

  3. Sharrow

    Oh and also just cos someone is a witch dr that does not mean they are godless, could be that the person who provided the abortion ‘potion’ thought they were helping the child.

  4. Eve

    Why is it ‘astonishing’ that Gardai are investigating claims of incest in the girl’s family? Because the Daily Fail doesn’t believe such an act exists, and thus shouldn’t merit an investigation??

    1. Barton Keyes

      I know I’m getting into “feed the troll” territory here but: I think you’ve mixed up your own arguments here. Anti-abortion folks typically call it “murder” not “killing”. One can kill a plant, one can kill a single celled organism, etc. “Killing” doesn’t carry with it the moral forcefulness you seem to be going for here, if it did Dettol would be in heaps of trouble

      1. paul

        I’ve been drifting in and out of Broadsheet for a few months now so wasn’t aware of this ABM character. Is it one of the MacMathunatics?

    2. frillykeane

      Oh dear AB
      You won’t be getting up from that kick up the hole in a hurry.

      Thanks Barton, its moments like this that lets me put up with it all.

  5. Kieran

    Ah yes. ‘African doctor’. Codeword for ‘voodoo’, ‘witchdoctor’, etc

    For the Mail at least.

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