Have You Room For Demi?


Jillian writes:

I realise you guys probably get a million requests. And I would adopt her if I could (problem is I’m an American here on a student visa in a no dog apartment..). This adorable dog Demi (above) is going to be put down today if no one takes her. I’ve worked Huskies in the past as a dog walker. They’re very smart dogs with excellent temperaments. Would you mind sharing this? Maybe someone might recognise Demi or there might be someone willing and able to take her.

A Dog’s Life (Facebook)

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  1. Ultimate Username

    Beautiful dogs but potential owners should beatr in mind that they do not tolerate children very well, and will defend their space. They are also not a good breed to be left alone for long periods of time

    1. Oldmanfitz

      pff its not the dog how they are raised

      anyone that blames a breed like a husky for lashing out at a child clearly does not have enough experience with them.

      i have a samoyed and a malamute who play with nieces and nephews of all sizes. Those dogs are great for families with small kids.

      If a dog will “defend their space” it thinks it is higher up the food chain than you and that needs to be addressed.

        1. Oldmanfitz


          all dogs have characteristics sure, but they are looking to be part of a pack. It is your responsibility as an owner to make sure the dog is below everyone else in the pack and the dog knows it. Alot of people buy dogs for the wrong reason and dont read enough about the breed.

          Look at what the dog was breed for and then see which type of dog falls into your lifestyle. You dont get a high energy dog because it looks nice?????

          look at the type of people who buy pitbulls etc they are usually people trying to look tough and maintain a hard man image. So they buy the “toughest” dog they can and usually cant look after it and the dog develops bad traits from not being socialised correctly amongst other things.

          Every dog has the potential to “go bad” but dogs that do are very much a product of its environment. If you got snapped at by a little chihuahua you would think “oh i hate those little snappy dogs” and prob jog on. If a dog with a stronger frame did it you would raise hell about it.

          a prime example is keeping a dog like a husky in a small place like carew park limerick. A husky needs a lot of space and activities to stay mentally healthy – its a sledding dog!

          Read a book about dog psychology before you come out with your award winning generalisations in future .

          1. Ultimate Usernae

            Listen “oldmanfitz”

            by your logic a wolf can be trained to be a suitable pet

            dogs are wild animals end of story

            Obviously if well trained they are unlikely to harm but there is always a slight chance that they can turn on someone. These odds are significantly greater depending on the breed of dog

            Do some research on dog attacks and you will see that certain breeds are more inclined to attack than others regardless of the training involved

          2. funman

            Dogs need to be treated fairly but strictly. Brutally imposing a ‘pack’ order is rarely a good idea. Treat them well and spend lots of time with them, training as you go, and they will love and respect you and your family.,
            Some dogs are closer to their ‘wild’ roots ( like huskies, especially if in a group) than others.

          3. Bangalore

            @Ultimate Usernae

            Dogs are not wild animals. They are domesticated animals which means they respond training or the lack thereof.

            Perhaps if you did some research on dog attacks you would realize that what Oldmanfitz was saying about ‘hard man dogs’ is actually supported by the statistics.

        1. VictorRomeo

          You’re full of crap. Dogs have been domesticated for millenia and bred for specific traits. They are NOT wild animals in the same sensse that a fox, wolf or dingo is.

        2. Oldmanfitz

          dogs are domestic animals

          wolves are wild, and i never implied they could be tamed, because research shows that they cant.

          watch this documentary and it may improve your understanding on how dogs actually think.

          1. B Bop

            Fully concur dogs are domesticated.
            They are also truly invaluable parts of our lives.
            Cannot comprehend people who do not like dogs-though they’re loss!
            Thank you for posting this clip!

        3. Luny Loo

          We had a really friendy German Shepard once. Really friendly with children, but he ate some sheep one day. Its in the DNA.

          1. Ultimate Usernae

            No-one is saying any dog is bad, what is being said is that certain dogs exert characteristics that need to be considered when rehoming them

          2. Giggler

            A dog might have special needs when being rehomed because he was handled incorrectly/unfairly and/or not disciplined. This will require someone with patience and expertise in helping retrain the dog.

            I agree that breeds may have some traits that may be better advised to people i.e – some need much more exercise than others and need someone with an active lifestyle.

            But to say a dog is bad with children or whatever because of it’s breed is wrong. A dog needs to be trained to interact with those in it’s home, and must be trained to realise that he/she is not in charge of any person regardless of age/size.

          1. collie147

            Certain dogs have certain characteristics, most of them are to protect the rest of the pack, not kill them. These inherent, aggressive traits in certain breeds have been brought about through successive breeding of dogs which are aggressive in nature. FACT! This same technique has been used to create most modern breeds.

            Most breeds do not have this trait anymore because dogs have been domesticated.
            For example Staffordshire Bull Terriers were once for dog fighting and now are known to be excellent with children, especially infants.

            There are still dogs that are used as attack dogs and those that are still trained for fighting, but these dogs generally have triggers, or else they would be of no use to their owner. The ones that are likely to snap are those that have been neglected and left without food and have to fend for themselves and maintain this mentality when brought into a home. It is possible to train this out of a dog although it is difficult at first.

            Oh and by the way, WOLVES Can be domesticated. There are a few wolf breeders here in Ireland.

          2. Bangalore

            I agree with you collie147. Im not sure if the reply was meant for me.

            You’re point on Staffys is very important. They can be the kindest dogs or aggressive dogs depending on who is on the other end of the leash.

          3. Oldmanfitz

            interesting about the wolves i have genuinely only seen research that points to the contrary. Im not saying your wrong and im not disagreeing with you.

            and staffies are a great example of a dog that gets a lot of bad press when in reality they are very loving and friendly.

            this thread has got WAY off point tho so im out of here!

  2. Drogg

    theres more then this on the dogs life site check out there facebook page yesterday they ran out of fosters and pound spaces for dogs. So if your thinking of getting a dog hit them up now or the pound in dunboyne

  3. Del McG

    Any chance The Dogs’ Trust could take her off their hands? They make a point of never putting down a healthy dog. She truly is a beautiful animal. Hopefully this will end well

      1. Drogg

        problem is its the after christmas season so all these places are filling up quickly unfortunately its still that old santa bring the dog then parents send it away when they realise dogs are living creatures that need love care and attention

        1. Wahey

          People really need to be educated about Dogs Trust and DSPCA. While they won’t put a healthy dog down, they won’t take dogs unless they are ‘surrendered’ by owners. So they don’t take dogs like this, or dogs from the pound. That’s left to the likes of Dogs in Distress, Dogs Aid and For Dogs Sake who do amazing work. And they don’t get half the recognition or media exposure of Dogs Trust or DSPCA.

          1. The Drivel Machine

            The Dogs Trust take in dogs that are most at risk. They take in dogs from pounds all over the country. They don’t receive a cent from the government and deserve all the praise they get and more.

          2. Lilly


            Not very many people are aware of the red tape and politics of dealing with welfare/rescue groups (actually not many people understand the difference between a pound and a shelter).

            This isn’t an unusual case… beautiful, loving dogs are destroyed every single day. There are groups who do their best to remove animals from pounds but they rely on volunteers, dog lovers, foster homes and right down to anyone with an hour or two and a car to transport the dog to it’s new home.

            Right now Demi (and I think there are a couple of other dogs due to be destroyed today) just needs a roof for a couple of days. A temporary stop-gap until she can find her new permanent home.

            It’s heart breaking and all too common :(

    1. B Bop

      Christ is truly heartbreaking to think such love, personalities & joy are being murdered every day.
      I sit here with my 2 guys -who have the best dog lives in the world.
      And yet people keep buying & supporting breeders/puppy farms with froo froo fancy designer dogs-nothing against the dogs-just less breeding of them more rescuing the abandoned ones.

  4. PJR

    I heard on the radio this morning that the Dogs Trust (think it was them anyway, may have been another shelter) have taken in 51 dogs since Christmas day, these people don’t deserve a dog!

    1. colmahhh

      the radio headline I heard was based on the following info:

      “The Dogs Trust phone lines were inundated after the festive season, as 51 people looking to give up their dogs contacted their rehoming centre in Finglas, Dublin, in one day.

    2. Ultimate Username

      I blame Ryan Tubridy

      What was the Late Late Show doing advertising puppies from animal shelters mere weeks before Christmas?

      absolute idiocy

      1. Richard

        Dear Ultimate Username ranty person,

        What is wrong with “advertising” (as you put it) puppies from animal shelters? If you want to have a go at the Late Late Show try to make some sense in the process.

        *I do not work for the LLS*

        1. Ultimate Usernae

          I have absolutely no issue with “advertising” puppies from animal shelters

          I do however, object to it being done so close to Christmas.

          1. Richard

            Look … people will always get dogs at Christmas time. Many of those people will manage fine. Some will not.
            Either way, at the busiest time of year for pet “acquisition” it makes huge sense that we encourage people to go to the shelters and NOT the puppy farms.

            So … to summarise:
            Promoting responsible dog ownership is always a good idea … ESPECIALLY in the run up to Christmas.

          2. Ultimate Usernae

            i wonder how many viewers of that particular episode of the late late show decided to take a puppy on a whim after seeing their cute faces on TV

  5. doloads

    ‘Due to be put down today’ isn’t quite true. Dogs in Dunboyne get 5 days to be reclaimed. After that, yes, it’s possible that they can be put down, but several dog charities, primarily A Dogs Life to their best to get dogs out of there and either rehomed or put into shelters. Many of the dogs are fostered, many go to Dogs Trust, and many go to the UK. The problem at the moment is that, as per usual after Christmas, the pound is jammed with dogs, and the charities have no space left. I took the photo here (I’m suing broadsheet, btw. Not really) on Saturday, and there were four Huskies in there, as well as every other type of dog imaginable. A Dogs Life only just managed to rehome a whole rake of Huskies the week before, so it’s gets harder to rehome more. This dog was found stray with another Husky, and the two of them adore each other, so ideally we’d rehome them together. If you think you can help, see details here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151440589512474&set=a.10151434208102474.545728.270131087473&type=1&theater

  6. Tommy

    Huskies seem to be the fashionable choice of animal judging by all the chavy, x-factor fan types I see walking them now.

    1. Rob

      Thanks for that heart-warming peice of classist bigotry there Tommy. Do you hate blacks and protestants too, or is it just the lower social orders you’re not into?

      1. Tommy

        Nothing wrong with some truthful stereotypes now and then. I’m an animal lover so I hate seeing animals used as fashion accessories by unsuitable owners.

        1. rapmachinenodiggidy

          same as that, huskies arent even that aggressive, they just have tonnes of energy so they can act out if they’re not given enough exercise

          1. 12308912

            Huskies have definitely become fasionable in this country.I’ve seen many people walking them.The reason is people like the look of them and want to draw attention to themselves,nothing more.
            That does not make them bad owners all of the time.

  7. rapmachinenodiggidy

    dogs should be put down publicly. there should be nightly segments on the news and xfactor showing unwanted, dead dogs being stacked up on top of eachother. following that a list of names and addresses of all known puppy farms in the country should be read out to the image of a young terrified dog being dragged from it’s cage to be put to sleep, it’s screams audible as the screen fades to black and bressie comes back on to be all handsome with westlife

      1. rapmachinenodiggidy

        i’d bet you’d see the number of both irresponsible breeders and dogs being dumped in pounds/being put down drop though

        1. Fill3rup

          I hate agreeing with you Rapey,but i know your history re:doggies and am with you 100%.
          If people were even shown what goes on in the pound in one day around the Xmas peiod,it may make people think twice about buying little Johnny a cute puppy for Xmas..

          As for Puppy Farms,they should be outlawed until the stray/unwanted dog situation is tackled properly..

          1. rapmachinenodiggidy

            johnny? fill please do not buy that git a dog, imagine, the horror..

            there is no reason puppy farms should ever be legal, limit breeders to 3 bitches, take the profit out of it

    1. Bangalore

      absolutely. Only then might people get it into their thick skull that you dont buy puppies off the internet. If you want a dog, adopt one. Its free for gods sake.

    2. B Bop

      Absolutely agreeing -it’s a horrific prospect but these lazy, feckless, abominable people should be shown for what they are – those who abandon a pet & those who cruely breed them.
      I sincerely hope in the end karma is a bitch to them all.
      I adore dogs & like most responsible dog owners I’m active in training,exercising them,picking up their dog poop on walks in the rain-wouldn’t give them up for the world!

  8. Emmett

    All these replies and “interest”.
    All these ranters about Ryan Tubridy and DSPCA

    Not one offer.

  9. Sendog

    how old is she?
    what kind of temperment has she?
    whats her history?

    i might take her. serious offer here

    1. doloads

      Sendog, she was picked up by the warden while straying, so it’s impossible to tell her history. She was very friendly, calm and playful in a very stressful environment when I was there, so her temperament seemed good.

      1. Sendog

        hmm lots of children in this household and alot of visitors daily. Im worried about husky’s territorial characteristics.
        We have always had dogs in our family but they have all been from pups so im weary of how old she might be and how easy it will be to train her up good.

  10. Elliott Fowler

    Hi, yes me and a friend of mine are able to take her, we live in maynooth, and are more than capable of looking after her

  11. B Bop

    Jillian please let us know the update – there’s a lot of us Broadsheeters concerned about dogs & welcome the great conclusion to these situations.

  12. Ray m

    Hi – i’m the person who found the strayed husky above, she was running lost with another male husky through streets from rathgar to rathfarnham. Regarding these 2 beautiful dogs I can tell you honestly that they had a very gentle nature.

    I had to literally grab them, they were very frightened but neither became hostile and both calmed down quickly. Back in the house they took food from my hand and I could move their food bowls from right under their noses without any problems

    I’m aware of 2 recent stories of husky’s attacking children but in all honesty I do believe that any dogs behaviour will be a result of how it’s treated by its owner over its lifetime. If its constantly being badly treated and or abused by its owner during its life, sooner or later it’s likely that it will last out at someone.

    There are several comments above about dogs being nasty or attacking humans, please also remember that in Ireland somewhere around 29,000 dogs had to be put down last year simply because people just did’nt want them – its a very sad situation.

    It looks like someone just strayed our 2 friends that started this topic – for whatever reason. Legislation is urgently required regarding dog ownership in this country.

    On a positive note, it was reported on the Dunboyne dog pound website earlier this evening that both dogs have been rehomed together, which is great news because they were really 2 terrific dogs with great personalities, who just wanted to be part of a someones family.

    I’ve no doubt that their new owners now have 2 great additions to their family and I wish them the very best !!

  13. B Bop

    Absolutely brilliant Ray -thanks for posting & what a hero for helping those beautiful pair to their new life!
    They will be so happy together & I know from doing charity work with rescued dogs the vast majority of rescuers are doubly delighted & great dog owners to have rescued a vital addition to the household.

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