Meanwhile, In The Coombe


Lisa Carey writes:

Served to a friend at 5pm today in the Coombe [Women and Infant’s Hospital, Dublin].

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  1. Rebecca

    Anytime I’ve been to hospital I’ve wondered how they expect anyone to get well with the muck they serve up to patients, as well as their lack of knowledge/inability to cater for around different dietary requirements (in a hospital!!)

  2. Justin

    The Rotunda isn’t any better, and they cover the place in dire warnings that you’re not to bring food in for patients (for some reason). Bollocks to that!

    1. Mister Mister

      My wife was in there a couple of years ago, was sick of the crap being served up so I brought in something for her one evening. I was actually stopped by security and wasn’t let in with it. I ate it myself at the security desk.

    2. ladywithbabycomingthrough

      Holles street is no better. Deep fried everything or smothered in cheese (and I was having the “healthy” veggie meals). Doctor told me to eat a lot of fruit (none was ever offered by caterers) and to avoid caffeine (this, of course, was offered).

      1. bjos

        In fairness, Holles St is pretty good now. Spent the best part of a week in there last Feb, and they have 3 hot meals a day – pasta bakes, chiili, korma, served up with choice of salads or rice. Or wraps/sandwiches made to order. Zero fatty foods. Mind you, they charge for it. Temple ST. on the other hand – Jay-sus!

    3. Grumpyoldman

      ” Bollocks to that!”

      Oh I love people who ignore hospital warnings and think they know better.

      1. Marzipan

        It’s only because they can’t guarantee the food is safe to eat and if you make yourself sick, it’s the hospital who gets the blame. Some hospitals have adjusted this rule to chilled foods, as they can’t be kept chilled. Others again have no rule and even provide patient kitchens where you can store food and heat it up. Just depends on how worried they are about you poisoning yourself.

  3. rockpig

    Yeah, fair enough, bit scabby with the auld red sauce but I’m sure they would of given you more if you asked politely.

  4. retroboy

    We can spend €70 billion bailing out idiot “bankers”, but this is the muck we serve up in our hospitals
    I would not feed that to a stray dog. In fact, a stray dog would not eat that crap.

    What kind of country have we become?

    1. jojo

      Didn’t take long, nevermind this was probably served in the privately owned canteen which is open to the public. The hospital food for patients is cooked in a separate kitchen.

      ‘bankers’ .. what?

      and in fairness the sausage roll looks fine, and the wedges where just left out too long, it’s hardly the sign of the collapse of the country. get a grip man

      1. H

        I think the point is that whether it was cooked well or not the type of food on offer is far from the healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables that you would nursing mother’s need

        1. H

          EDIT: I think the point is that whether it was cooked well or not the type of food on offer is far from the healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables that nursing mother’s need

      2. Medico

        This photo was taken at a patient’s bedside table; those are the blankets of the bed in the background.

        1. Sarah K

          They are the blankets they use in the coombe. The food on the wards is abysmal and anyone who has been there will attest to that.

          The attitude of the catering staff leaves a lot to be desired too. There was a lady in the bed beside me one morning who had just come down from the labour ward with her newborn as breakfast was being served. She couldn’t move as she was in a lot of pain and being a first time mother wasn’t au fait with how they do things. The staff member roared at her when she delayed in answering whether she wanted tea or coffee. They told her she had to come to the table in the centre of the ward to get it. She couldn’t move so I ended up bringing her breakfast to her. I had just had my baby the night before. Another lady was also in a similar position. When she was slow in getting out of the bed the staff member pulled back the curtain and shouted, “tell me what you want I’m not a fucking mind reader”.

          I made a complaint at the time to the nurses but didn’t follow up because I had a newborn to feed and look after. Disgraceful behaviour towards women who need care and are at their most vulnerable.

          1. Ann Onymous

            Sadly, I’ve seen this sort of thing happen too! Really disgraceful that patient-care was left to other patients.

            Having been briefly hospitalised during pregnancy, I at least knew to smuggle in as much food as I could when giving birth.

            An absolute disgrace, and, as others have said, not exactly conducive to milk production and healing.

  5. Father Filth

    Next week’s Broadsheet page lamenting the banning of camera phones during meal times in Dublin Hospitals..

  6. Marzipan

    As someone who spends an average of 14 weeks a year in hospital, I’ve seen worse. I had a surgeon give out to me about the fact I was eating nothing good at lunch time to help me heal. When I showed him the menu options, he said I needed to get my family to bring in food to me.
    I’m lucky now, my specialist unit subsides food so we can have extras like milk, chocolate, crisps, high calorie snacks etc sent up but general patients will struggle to keep their nutrition up in any hospital.

    1. Tommy

      I spent 5 days in hospital and had to have all my food brought in. The only people eating were the 80 year olds.

      1. Marzipan

        I have a high energy requirement, so yes, in my case, these are the high calorie foods required. Like I said, that is food subsidised by my specialist unit, not for general patients. The general patients have to live off mush that offers even less, neither nutrition or calories. I’m in hospital at the moment, I’ve chicken, chips and sweetcorn from the main menu. Not terrible, not healthy. On the “extra menu” I’ve been given a nutritionally complete high calorie fotisip supplement (Gawk-worthy, but handy for bumping up the numbers), a pint of whole milk and a cheese and butter sandwich. Without those I wouldn’t have enough to keep my weight stable, never mind gain.

        As some one spoke about above, catering staff have a lot to answer for too. If you can’t help yourself, or feed yourself, they don’t give a crap.

  7. Prada Meinhof

    What’s the issue here? Why not go private if you don’t like it?

    Plenty of fat bastard students would love to get their first year jowls around that. And do. 6 or 7 times a day.

    1. Jess

      I think the point is that fat bastard students aren’t new or expectant mothers, one part of society more or less everybody can agree need their health looking after…

      1. Sarah K

        I’ve had 3 children all in the coombe. I went private for my last child and you get the same food as the muck served in the public wards.

        When I was there last I got the option of a fried to within an inch of it’s life spring roll or a “chiz salah” which consisted of a plate of iceberg lettuce with a dollop of coleslaw and some grated cheddar.

        I had to get all my food brought in. Women who have had to have emergency cesareans sometimes get infections where they have been stitched and to think this is the crap they are served up when trying to fight a serious infection.

    2. JAT

      Food is the same whether it is private or public. I think you missed the point, I could be wrong though

      1. Maeve

        In the Coombe private and public patients get the same food. There’s nothing wrong with that but the food is horrific. I was a private patient there for an emergency procedure on the top ward. I didn’t have a baby there and when I do have one it won’t be born in the Coombe!

        I didn’t get fed at all for the first two days after of my surgery and had to beg for some dry toast on the third day because I was at risk of fainting on my way to the loo, falling and bursting my stitches. Private patients in the Coombe share toilet facilities with public patients. Again nothing wrong with that but we often had to queue for toilets which weren’t very clean – not ideal for new mothers or post-op patients.

        Back to the food – it was just as bad when I was there in 2011. Three days after my operation I begged for some dry toast and initially I was told I couldn’t have it because my digestive system hadn’t started working after the surgery and it would make me throw up all over the place and burst my stitches. I said that from my first day post-op I had being going down a long corridor unassisted to the loo and I would faint, fall and burst my stitches if I didn’t get something to eat soon. They grudgingly gave me some dry white toast which was the most appetizing thing I got to eat while I was there. The sausage roll and desiccated wedges are standard Coombe fare.

        A friend brought in protein powder and a shaker and I used to make up a protein shake every day when staff weren’t around (very easy in the Coombe). I don’t know if public patients would get away with that.

        Once I got fed and a bit stronger I was able to go down to the cafe on the ground floor and get something to eat there. Not ideal when you’re less than a week after major surgery but needs must.

  8. MammyM

    Jaysus – I see things haven’t improved there since I had my kids….and that was during the BOOM times…

  9. ZipAhDeeDooDah

    Until I actually read the header, I assumed it was something off the new menu at Bite and that some brave soul had Instagrammed it…

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    No different from the crap they serve up to kids at parties in play-factories and bowling alleys.

  11. Yello

    I was there for a section and they gave me boiled chicken breast with salad for the first two days. It was tasteless but at least it was healthier than that! I was under the impression that they are cautious in terms of wg

    1. Parp

      What’s wrong with boiled chicken and salad? That’s a great meal. Would you rather the chicken was fried, or roasted in it’s own fat?

  12. Yello

    I was given boiled chicken and salad twice a day for two days in there. They refused to give me a fry up for breakfast until my third day post section. Kind of surprised by this..

    1. Parp

      A fry up?! Are you trolling now? It’s a hospital, not a greasy spoon. A fry is probably the most unhealthy meal anyone could possibly eat, and you were complaining you had a boiled chicken salad which couldn’t be any healthier! *head explodes*

      1. Maa

        It was cornflakes and a fry with copious amounts of tea for breakfast when I was in the Coombe..twice…after birth in Private and Semi-Private

  13. Yello

    Parp- I think you have misinterpreted me. I was expressing surprise at the photo because I was provided with sensible food!

  14. marla

    when I was in Rotunda (still pregnant) they came in with my breakfast of white bread, cornflakes+milk, tea and orange juice – looked pathetic but thing was, I was in for gestational diabetes so I couldn’t eat anything on the tray at all. So I called them back and said I had to follow a diabetes diet and she checked her chart said ‘sorry our mistake’ and went off to get my brekkie – well I thought she was going to come back with something even smaller, lol and I was starving!! ten minutes later the tray has egg, brown toast, shredded wheat, low fat sugar-free yoghurt, fruit and tea of course – fab. So anyone at those hospitals, if you want a filling and nutritious meal, tell them you’re diabetic.

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