Your Irish Hospital Breakfast Has Arrived


At Beaumont Hospital, Co Dublin.

Wait for it…


Ian F writes:

Ok, So I was in Beaumont last Aug’, I was in for a while so the food became a pretty hilarious distraction after a while, they give you menus the day before and you can pick from two or three options, so in a way I was responsible for what arrived, sadly the description never matched what lurked under the deceptively fancy metal cover, I rarely touched it. Above was a breakfast while below I called the “let’s just cook whatever is left in the fridge” dish, consisting of a spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, boiled potatoes and what looks like an entire can of sweetcorn, I must add though, that the staff of Beaumont do an amazing job and I cannot speak highly enough of them, they have to work within the budgets imposed on them and perform miracles on a daily basis.

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40 thoughts on “Your Irish Hospital Breakfast Has Arrived

  1. Skagit

    By my reckoning you did well matey! As an employee of a hospital in debt up to 17 million, I think the food is about alright actually!

    1. Slab

      For the price Patients/Health Insurance end up paying for that shite, you could get a slap up feed in Dublins Premier Restaurants.

  2. rmc

    Ever notice how bad hospital food is? I mean, whats up with that?

    thanks you’ve been a great audience

  3. Cian

    If I ever have to go public I’m having someone bring me in food…

    Actually only had to go at all once and the food was fine (Hermitage) and the other private ones I’ve gone to for work have more than decent food in the public canteens anyway (Vincents Private, Mater Private, Galway Clinic). Might still be serving slop in the wards though.

  4. Paula

    At least you got fed .! I’ve been in hospitals that ‘ forgot ‘ to send me food .ordered a pizza in . They weren’t happy !!

  5. Parp

    So for breakfast you got scrambled egg, two sausages, a pot of tea, bread and jam, and you don’t think this is good enough? What is wrong with that?

    And if you think that is a full can of sweetcorn Tesco must see you coming.

  6. Johndoc

    Why oh why does every comment thats critical of the public service have to be qualified with ‘now the staff were great but……..’
    Feck off. ‘Front Line’ staff can’t be bothered any more than anyone else.

  7. factoftheday

    Ughhh went to visit my nana in the mater there 3 months back. She’s in her 70s and has a respiratory problem and only needed tests done. Tests get been put off day in day out for 2 weeks, which made her go loony as she’d be working back home on the farm feeding the chickens and milking otherwise. The food they served her was so appalling, v overdone scrambled eggs and a boiled tomato. She’d go home at the weekends, bake her own bread and sneak it in in a lunchbox for the rest of the week. I bought a packet of crisps downstairs in the mater one day and they were gone off 3 months. What the f**k are they at in Irish hospitals, honestly….

  8. Wealthy

    My dad was in Wexford General over Christmas, and on Christmas day the nurses gave the 4 men in his ward a wrapped present. It contained 2 Radox Shower Gels , some soaps and a box of tissues.

    Everyone thought it was a lovely gesture from the staff.

  9. CRussell

    Just so everyone knows that is the exact same food that is served in the staff canteen. Its reasonably edible.

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