Behold: The Newswhip App



You may be familiar with the Newswhip widget thing on Broadsheet’s home page.

The box on the right which tabulates the most shared stories on social media.

Yes, that thing.

Now – finally! – Dublin-based have created an app that may well become literally indispensable among the mediarati and news hounds of all breeds.

Founder Paul Quigley writes:

NewsWhip now comes in a pocket size App format for anyone with an iPhone. Like our site, it shows the news spreading fastest now on social networks, and lets you filter for news from different countries and loads of niches (like environment, psychology, or gaming).

Unlike our site, it’s really easy to use while sitting on the toilet, remembers your preferences, and has a neat picture of the Cliffs of Moher (on our Ireland page)

It’s actually a fantastic app. The best of over 100,000 stories each day, as picked by your peers, i.e. the other billion people on social networks.

Before anyone asks: Android version is on the way. 8 weeks-ish.


iTunes link here

NewsWhip Launches iOS Flipboard-Style News App Which Scans Facebook And Twitter (Mike Butchder, TechCrunch)

30 thoughts on “Behold: The Newswhip App

  1. 21secondstogo

    Nice. I shall check it out. Anybody know who developed it? Was it an in-house job, or did they out-source it?

    1. Paul Q

      Hi 21seconds – Paul from NewsWhip here. Design we did in house and with our outside designer, and development was 100% by our friends at Maithu IT Solutions.

  2. Conski

    It’d be nice when people spoke about iOS apps they mentioned iOS somewhere along the way. Ditto for Android only apps.

    Feck it. If anyones going to the bother of being nice they may as well launch a Blackberry App and Windows one too. Of the people for the people/

    1. Conski

      while i’m being a bore…
      TechCrunch mentions in its title that its iOS app while the founder only mentions iPhone. It is platform specific not product specific

  3. Joe

    Puzzles me when sites develop an iOs app first, and in many cases an android one much later, if at all, when android is the most popular operating system.

    1. Karl Monaghan

      Put it like this – last year there were 2 million visitors to Broadsheet from mobile devices. 1.4 million of them came from iOS powered devices.

      Android certainly has *handset* market share but when it comes to web usage, app downloads and getting money out of them iOS is winning hands down.

      I could bore you to tears with development issues around android, but I’ll let the BBC’s head of iPlayer and apps explain the issues they hit:

      (full disclosure – I develop iOS apps)

  4. Ahjayzis

    I know *nothing* about development and all that against-god mallarkey, but is there really such a massive difference in the makeup of an iOS and Android app that it takes 2 months to convert one to work on the other? That’s madness!

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        I thought all you developers spoke in tongues?

        Also while I’m at it, thanks for ruining the economy, ye chancers.

  5. Ok

    Karl, while I have you, can u please fix the BS app to show all the days updates and not skip back a week after 10ish updates – or is it just me?! iPhone user

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        Comments being all arseways on the app is a something that fills my heart with much sorrow.

  6. sheila

    What I don’t understand, with the economy and all how come there are so many people with Iphones/blackberries etc… in Ireland? It can’t be that bad really. I live outside Ireland and I couldn’t imagine forking out 300 euros and more per month on an internet connection for my own hand held phone. Just wondering…

      1. Andy

        I think sheila means 300 for the handset, and then more per month. God bless sheila she left out the comma.

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