Behold: The Newswhip App



You may be familiar with the Newswhip widget thing on Broadsheet’s home page.

The box on the right which tabulates the most shared stories on social media.

Yes, that thing.

Now – finally! – Dublin-based have created an app that may well become literally indispensable among the mediarati and news hounds of all breeds.

Founder Paul Quigley writes:

NewsWhip now comes in a pocket size App format for anyone with an iPhone. Like our site, it shows the news spreading fastest now on social networks, and lets you filter for news from different countries and loads of niches (like environment, psychology, or gaming).

Unlike our site, it’s really easy to use while sitting on the toilet, remembers your preferences, and has a neat picture of the Cliffs of Moher (on our Ireland page)

It’s actually a fantastic app. The best of over 100,000 stories each day, as picked by your peers, i.e. the other billion people on social networks.

Before anyone asks: Android version is on the way. 8 weeks-ish.


iTunes link here

NewsWhip Launches iOS Flipboard-Style News App Which Scans Facebook And Twitter (Mike Butchder, TechCrunch)