Declan’s Victory



They don’t get cultures of openness, transparency and sharing, and the interrelationship of these individual-collective values that frame many peoples understanding of democracy power and agency. And they sure as fuck don’t get the lulz.

Libel laws have always been about controlling the medium itself rather than controlling what people can or can’t say, but the more mainstream media spin this as some muzzling on Twitter and the internet, the more they look like me talking about dubstep at a party. Daft.

In public… Ganley himself is being lauded by some as the saviour of decent polite discourse, but to other he looks like Cartman screaming “respect my authority”.


Declan Ganley’s €50: Social Media & the Virtual Reality of the Irish Political Class No 2 (Soundmigration)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)