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Woman In Serious Condition After Dublin Incident (Irish Examiner)

Sam Boal/Photocall ireland and OC

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  1. k

    Walked by very soon after it happened. Small car with front impact, signpost flattened, not sure if a Luas was involved at all. Saw a fireman doing chest compressions through the crowd

        1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

          Of course! Pictures of accidents posted on twitter/facebook/broadsheet make me feel a little ill.

  2. Brid

    You’re probably reading Twitter anyway, but here’s one tweet from several minutes ago

    .@Luas out of action after Smithfield and pedestrian injured RT @DonohoeSaints horrible scenes at Jervis

    1. Mister Mister

      I dunno, everytime I’ve passed the Jervis Luas there’s always been horrible scenes. If it’s not the junkies it’s the beggars. Horrible.

  3. murphy

    I walked past about an hour ago on lunch. There was a car involved and 2 people lying prone on the ground, one of whom was receiving “a lot” of attention from Gardai.

    The car involved came to a stop on the sidewalk and had a lot of damage to it’s front-end, am hoping whoever got hit is OK as judging by the damage to car it was a big hit.

    1. Randall

      When you went through the cross walk did you drop your hotdog in the trashcan too ?

      High five anyone


      1. SomePeopleAreIgnorant

        There’s always a few idiots out there!

        Randall, may I ask where you are from, North or South of the Liffey or outside of Dublin? People have their own dialect and to be honest what business it is of yours to make such stupid comments

        1. Randall

          You sound like great craic SomePeopleAreIgnorant, lets meet for a vegan falafel and poo poo other people bad grammar and syntax.

          1. SomePeopleAreIgnorant

            Sounds good, we can start with your spaces between the word ‘too’ and ‘?’ or maybe your lack of fullstops in sentences.

            I just find it annoying and narrow minded when people mock others use of words.

            And PS. I’m not mocking your use of the language, I’m simple stating facts!

            Either way, RIP to the poor woman who was killed, tragic.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Sounds bad.
      Witness accounts saying car “ploughed” into at least 5 people?? Then again some of that could be OMG-speak.
      Will wait for facts.
      Hope the injured are not seriously so.

  4. Brid

    A woman is in a serious condition after a collision on Mary Street in Dublin city centre.

    An accident involving two cars and a pedestrian on the Red Luas line also means services are disrupted.

    The Gardaí have asked trams not to run between Smithfield and the city due to the incident.

    The company has said services are running between Saggart -Tallaght and Smithfield, and that Luas tickets are valid on Dublin Bus for the duration of the disruption.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Maybe I will, maybe not…. but this site is what it is and that is why people come here.

          To attempt a little whit. Some succeed, some fail, some are misplaced or inappropriate. Some are pure shite, of which I am guilty now and again.

          Some are regretted on ‘developing stories’ such as this. That’s just how it is. There is nothing malicious about it.

          Now, mind yourself when you step off that hobby horse, it’s a bit high for ya. That’s a good lad!

          1. Jackz

            “Some are regretted on ‘developing stories’ such as this. That’s just how it is.” – No it’s juvenile and embarrassing.

            I cringe when reading these so-called attempts at whit. I generally avoid the comments on this site until I see a story like this, check if any links have been posted to a news source and straight away these lame comments stick out like a sore thumb.

            And enough with this sanctimonious crap, if you’re going to post something you admit can be “pure shite”, don’t be so defensive when someone calls you up on it.

  5. mammy

    RTÉ News ‏@rtenews
    A female pedestrian has died following a collision with a car near the Jervis Luas stop in Dublin city centre

      1. Noel

        I’m sorry but have you ever seen a Car lose against a Pedestrian ?

        I agree with ur RIP bit though

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      It’s a satirical website. Someone sitting at their desk in Cork has no idea how tragically a story that was posted on this site could have ended.

      RIP to the poor woman, I hope they have the nutter that did this but don’t get on your high horse when a story posted via twitter about the Luas on Broadsheet is not taken as seriously as if it was a bulletin on RTE.

  6. Starina

    I admit, my first thought when I saw the photo with all the police tape was “some junkie, no doubt”.

  7. Beemar

    I think it was fairly obvious to everyone from the original post that when a car hits 5 people there are bound to be serious injuries and possibly deaths.

    1. Grumpyoldman

      Welcome to the internet. Let us show you around.

      Less of the sanctimonious high horsing please. It was not obvious from the outset what the outcome came to be. And you can be sure that everyone feels sympathy with that poor woman and her family.

      1. Beemar

        I never said it was obvious what ‘the outcome came to be’. It was obvious what the possible outcomes were though. Serious injuries and or death are usually the outcome of a pedestrian impact with a car. Your moniker of Grumpyoldman doesn’t do your inate hostility and miserable nature justice. You should try using cunt instead

      2. Jackz

        You’re right. Welcome to the Internet where sad people like you think that “satire” can be derived from a piece that even at first had photos of police cordons and ambulances.

        Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet.

        1. Brid

          It wasn’t “satire”. It was what we call ‘codology’. And nobody knew that anyone had been seriously injured, let alone killed.

          Could the sanctimonious assholes shut it.

          RIP to the poor woman who died, plus thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. None of them – including the poor woman herself – had the slightest idea that all this would happen today.

          1. Jackz

            Call it whatever you want but it’s actually not that funny.

            “I walked past about an hour ago on lunch. There was a car involved and 2 people lying prone on the ground, one of whom was receiving “a lot” of attention from Gardai.”

            “They were lying prone on the ground, someone finally got to Terry !?!”

            Yeah that’s really hilarious. Cover it up by calling others sanctimonious.

          2. Parp

            Exactly. Before any of the comments were read, it was clear that this looked serious. Once there is an ambulance involved, somebody is having a bad day.

  8. Grumpyoldman

    Oh dear, this site really has hit the bottom and my comments are being deleted now for no apparent reason.

    Time to say bye bye to a bad habit and seek out better sites with signs of intelligence.

    1. Mick Flavin

      You’re not nearly as smart or funny as you think you are. I just want to put that out there in case it’s my last chance to say it…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      How awful. Condolences to you.
      For your family’s sake, I hope cause and any fault is determined quickly.

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