100 thoughts on “Something For The Lady?

    1. Sido

      Don’t worry about it Grumps – Broadsheet likes to censor your comments every now and then – its to protect you from your own stupidity.
      It happens to all of us, seriously.

          1. bisted

            ….bovine spongiform encephalopathy sprung to mind. An unfortunate association for a restaurant….or maybe I’m just being precious.

          1. Kolmo

            Don’t kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everone you care about”

    1. Clampers Outside!

      There’s a Men’s Section in The Body Shop?…. WTF for? That’s just …..I dunno, just plain silly, stupid nonsense.

      Oh, no wait, different skin types between the sexes. I remember hearing that nonsense before.

      The truth though, is there are different skin types SHARED by the sexes. But, one can make money if you make more differentiations to make a product stick out and then it becomes almost unique and new, just for you!

      *Approaches till, pays 50% above the standard price because I’m a bloke*

      1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

        You do not pay 50% more for anything because you are a man!! How much are your haircuts? Exactly.

          1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

            Totally different situation, women are safer drivers, it’s a fact. My insurance premium went down in December, I’m too old at 33 to be affected by equalisation. Everything else that I pay for comes with “lady tax”; razors, tampons, healthcare, steak…

          2. Richie

            I gonna have to call you on razors, both genders get screwed there unless you want the breadknife on a bit of plastic shave.

          3. IDB

            Women are STATISTICALLY safer drivers. I fully accept that.
            But if you were to do the same analysis of steak sales by gender, the justification of this menu would be the same and gender-based discrimination in insurance.
            And you are free to walk into my barber and get a trim for a tenner. It’s the beauty of capitalism and freedom of choice!

          4. Clampers Outside!

            IDB and Yourcommentisawaitingmoderation ….we all laughed, that’s the point, is it not :)

            Have a good weekend.

            PS: On the “How much are my haircuts?” Ooooh, about a €5 or just under €10 + an average of €2 / €3 tip. If I wanted I could do what ladies do and spend €50 to €75 (or more) but I don’t. That’s my choice.

        1. IDB

          Where do you stand on “Women Only” sections in gyms?
          (I’m not trying to get a rise here, it’s an honest question).

          1. notthenineoclocknews

            Not true. I am a man and if I went to buy some tampons I would pay exactly the same price as a lady would.
            Get yer facts straight. Grrrrr…..

  1. miezekatze

    I’ve seen this in a few restaurants. Don’t really see any issues with it though – most women (myself included) seem to prefer their steak that way, so why would it be sexist to market it that way?

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      What restaurnats are you going to? I have never seen this on a menu and if I did, I would ask to see the manager. I find it very offensive.

    2. Karen

      Eh what? I don’t know a single woman who wants to order a flavourless steak because there’s no fat on it!

      1. B Bop

        Indeed. Give me a savage Shanahans steak or The Butchers Grill Ranelagh.
        Pah Malahide & their picky wimin!

  2. bucko

    Anyone who writes up a menu like that deserves to go bust. Beyond pretentious. And yes, it is a little unsubtle . Morons!

  3. Ronan

    How is it sexist? Women should consume less calories per day than men, on average.

    There should be lady size portions of everything, at 80% of the cost.

  4. FiFi

    When I was in Thailand the buffet restaurants had different prices for Men, Women, Children, and Ladyboys (Ironically, the ladyboy price was halfway between a man and a woman’s)

    I thought it was fantastic/hilarious/clever

  5. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Rachel, did you complain? Having looked at the rest of the menu it’s all very 2005. Now their target market is in Nama or hiding in the Canaries. Malahoide, roish.

  6. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    “Calm down dear, glass of white wine for the lady”
    Probably marketed at the type of lady that thinks because she drinks Diet coke she can have desert.

  7. James M. Chimney

    Sweet suffer Jesus. Didn’t he bring you out? Now you’re complaining about the steak.

      1. James M. Chimney

        a bit of blurb from one of my favourite restauraunts…

        “A former butcher, Joop selects, matures, cuts and prepares all the steaks while his wife Wendy supervises the front of house, ensuring efficient, personal service.”

        Proper order.

  8. Stewart Curry

    I thought food only became female if you put an egg on it. Like a Croque Madam. Also, as a warning, don’t say out loud to a waitress “Why is it called a Chicken Madam Burger? Is it because only women have eggs?” as it will embarrass your dining companion.

  9. Diabhal

    The lack of an apostrophe at the end would seem to suggest that the steak is actually made of ladies. Am I wrong?

  10. Hugo

    Hi Rachel,
    Girls should actually avoid “marbling” in steaks as it leads to “Bingo Wings” – This is actually very sage advice from the restaurant. Maybe more ladies should heed it.

        1. Hugo

          RayRay I am one of Dublin’s foremost Alpha Males, please keep the man on man flirting to a minimum. Thanks, Hugo

  11. orla

    the whole menu appears to be sexist. “the real steak man’s steak”, “the well hung” , “the city boy”? puke inducing. but clearly going after a certain market.

    1. rayray

      Quite. I know some fellas with dainty appetites who might feel pressured by this gendered meat marketing into ordering something bigger than their preferred meal.

  12. Sido

    I think you are right – it is offensive.
    I like fillet – Are they trying to imply that I’m some sort of a nancy boy?
    They can go and screw themselves!

  13. Oisin

    A restaurant? Primarily aim for the male market? Because they specialise in steak? In this day and age? Someone should check their staff and make sure that they employ the same amount of women as men while we’re complaining about the names of dishes.

    At least it isn’t called the “aren’t-women-dumb-and-shouldn’t-have-rights steak”

    THAT would be sexist.

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