20 thoughts on “The Lighthouse: Now Visible In Fog

  1. Mike Baldwin

    Ah lads. A new sign???.Wicklow Council are out painting white lines, I’ll take a pic and let you share it…..

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I don’t mind taking responsibility – as I sent this in.
        If you know the history of The Lighthouse, you may not see this sign as so lame. The Lighthouse is a wee bit of an institution in Dublin 1, from it’s birth in Middle Abbey St. and various ventures thereafter, good and bad. The fact that a flashy new sign is up at it’s now secured home, still in D1 I’m glad to say, is a bit of a cine-crowd-pleaser and a rubber-stamping that it’s there to stay.

  2. Pedanto

    Outlets with a constant demand for entertainment usually rely too much on the comedy of repetition. They’ve got to keep the furnace fed. Sometimes what they’re shovelling only looks like coal.

  3. Peter81

    It looks lovely, and perhaps well needed. Its not exactly a cinema you’d stumble across but its a gem of a place. Good luck to then.

  4. Mick

    Considering this place was on the brink of closing down during a recession, I’d say this is doing pretty well, big up!!

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