Meanwhile, At St Vincent’s Hospital



CM writes:

Served yesterday evening in St Vincent’s Hospital [Co Dublin]. (Clue: it doesn’t feature horsemeat. As far as we know.)


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54 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At St Vincent’s Hospital

  1. Evil_g

    A little overdone, but I’d say that might actually be okay….you know…as hospital food goes.

    Wikipedia says Vincent’s has facilities for 479 in-patients. What exactly do people want to have served 3 times a day 365 days a year?

      1. Evil_g

        Less artery clogging food? The reality is that a huge proportion of the population would send vegetable soup, or whatever, back untouched.

        I bet after sending the photo Colm M ate the pizza. Most people would if they were hungry. It really doesn’t look that bad.

        Healthy nutricious food is considerably more expensive to buy and prepare (I’m open to correction on that, what did Jamie Oliver propose for schools again?) and then you’ve 12 year old Deco who won’t eat it.

        Feed ’em shite and use the money to buy more of those knee hammers or whatever they need to make sick people better so they can go home and have a sald.

        1. Ahjayzis

          Let them go hungry then, if meat and two veg is so abhorrent to them they could probably stand to lose the weight. Hospitals should be health promoters as well as fixer-uppers.

          Healthy food is not exorbitantly expensive, that’s a myth. We shouldn’t make policy for 12 year old Deco.

          1. Rob

            Who, exactly, is Deco? Is this something to do with an assumption that working class people survive on Goodfellas pizzas and bottles of coke? Jesus, try to hide your classist bigotry a bit at least.

          2. Ahjayzis

            @Rob, I was replying to the other post saying an obstinate child named Deco won’t eat his greens so we can’t ever serve greens in schools, is all.

          3. cluster

            It isn’t a myth. Sh*tty, processed food does cost an awful lot less than buying decent, healthy raw ingredients and cooking from scratch.

            There is a reason that canteens serve this sort of slop and it has a lot to do with having a tiny budget per person per day.

        2. the-bag

          Absolutely, 100% untrue and just based off your own ill informed opinion. I worked in hospital catering for four years while I was a student and the healthier the menu we could produce, the happier the patients and the higher the uptake. If we served slop like the meals pictured on broadsheet they would be sent back untouched. People in hospital generally care about health and recovery.

    1. Jess

      My office has up to 500 people in it 24/7 365 days a year with a canteen that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and somehow manages to still have things like salad every day. Crazy!

      1. cluster

        How much does each meal cost, Jess? Willing to bet that between office subsidy and worker contributions that it is much more than a hospital canteen.

    2. Rob

      Actual food.

      Seriously though – this is why I love the internet. Let’s stick the boot into these dirtbags forcing sick people to eat slop.

      Also, I’d love to know the per-meal prices the catering companies are charging for this stuff.

        1. Rob

          “A maternity hospital hit a high of €31.06 in the cost per meal but later brought the cost down to €8.44.”

          “Nine of the 30 hospitals spent between €10 and €25.65 on every meal produced, while only six hospitals managed to keep the cost below €5.”

          Most garages do a portion of wedges for about a euro, and a large sausage roll for less than a euro. That pizza can’t cost more than a quid. Someone should swing an axe.

  2. Scatman John

    The cook had a feed of Guinness last night and garlic cheese chips.

    Then farted as he prepared the base and voila!

  3. CC

    INSANE in this day and age!! These people are in hospital for a reason & need nutritious, balanced meals! We need something like Jamie’s School Lunches, but for our Hospitals!! Celebrity chefs need to stop making shows about cakes and make a difference!

        1. Scatman John

          I was there for an operation on my foot.

          I’d have loved some pizza.

          I MUST BE INSANE!!!!!!ONE!!!!

  4. John Rutledge

    “What is it” is a very question. It looks like an dangerous but exotic jellyfish that floated too close to floated too close to a chemical plant outlet at Porto Marghera. Give me a nice “entrecote de Shergar”, any day. Seriously – was this, seriously, served up as a meal in an Irish hospital ? I think that we have gone well beyond the point of putting up and making do. I look forward to the day when the people of Ireland raise their banners from the dust and cry out, “In spite of all, we have conquered !” Well, not really. But, unless our Leaders and Betters wake up and smell the tree-bark and chickory coffee, it may well be the direction in which we are heading … Yours from the Secure Ward, JR.

  5. notthenineoclocknews

    Who has the contract for the catering in that hospital (and the others)?
    That’s our tax money they are swindling from the HSE.
    DoYaknowWharOiMean Joe!!!!
    Seriously though?

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