57 thoughts on “Ah Here

    1. joe

      Is it just me, is it hard to see how she is supposed to be beautiful, aesthetically that is – I’m sure she’s a nice girl deep down though

      1. Melvin

        Are you implying she did this for….publicity??? Gasp! You’re so cynical.

        (Sunday Independent and boob-woman subsequently feed into each other for the foreseeable future until them boobs will be used for feeding the sprog from some minor Irish rugby player)

    1. Kdoc

      That aint no wardrobe malfunction – that’s precisely what the article of clothing was designed to do – display the cigar butt.

    1. Tarara

      I thought the same thing, the place is manky!!! She looks awesome, her bag probably pulled her jacket over.

  1. Lee

    Ha ha ha
    Ha hah hahah hahha

    From the Indo:
    But the piece de resistance for me was when model Danielle Moyles was left red- faced on interviewing RTE’s Anne Doyle. “So, you are a veteran in the industry. Can you give me some advice as a newbie upcoming?” asserted an excited Danielle. At which point a horrified Anne said, “Yeah, probably, for a start, it’s very wise to never call a woman a ‘veteran’.”

    “Oh really? Oh… Sorry, I didn’t even know that that was a bad thing. Do you know much about style?” piped up the newbie.

    “Clearly not,” Anne replied.

    Further landing herself in it Danielle said, “You stick to your black?”

    “Very rarely,” stated Anne attempting to get away.

    Getting more nervous, Danielle kept digging. “You don’t wear black?” she probed.

    “Just tonight.”

    “This is the most difficult interview I’ve ever done in my life,” said a clearly mortified Danielle, only to receive the curt response: “You brought it on yourself.”

    Danielle could only grovel. “Sorry, Jesus, I think we’ll leave it there, because I’m digging a hole. Thank you very much for your time.”

    “Keep shovelling. Good luck,” said the disgusted and appalled Anne Doyle, escaping back inside the VIP bash.


    1. cluster

      God, Ann Doyle is a self-important, nasty piece of work, isn’t she? She only reads the news, she could really do with getting down from her pedestal. A veteran is about the nicest thing she could be called.

      1. Boozle

        No she’s not. She’s a woman with loads of cop and charm and a decent sense of humour dealing with an idiot. Doyler win.

        1. Advertising On Police Cars

          …….mollycoddled elite and its infamous entitlement culture personified.

          You could insert:


    1. Richie

      Seconded, can’t get enough of fringe “celebrities” and partial accidental (but really intentional) nudity. Oh the titillation!

  2. NieveP

    Malfunction my arse. She wants her boob to be out. She wants the media attention. I’ve never even hear of her before, now she’ll be plastered all over the papers.

    1. Fappityfap

      If you like to look at pictures of women’s breasts, there are other sites you might like elsewhere on the internet. Broadsheet is only ever going to disappoint you.

    1. ross coghlan

      Its fake in the sense that its Angelina Jolie’s leg, but the boob/nip slip isn’t fake. I mashed the 2 of the pics together for a bit of symmetry.

  3. Eoin

    Never had much time for the Independent but what are they at publishing that? Not surprised The Sun did but didn’t think the Indo was that thrashy (but then again I don’f read it)

  4. Chopper

    Nice choice of attire for one of the coldest days of the year. Unless you plan on malfunctioning.

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