Having A Giraffe


Why the long neck?

James Hayes writes:

My lovely bicycle was stolen on Tuesday between 11.00 and 12.00 outside Firestation Artist Studios, on Buckingham St [Dublin]. It’s a Dawes ‘Competition Giro’ – a blue racer, with two yellow bottle cages, however it can now be more easily recognised by the ridiculous black steering stem extension, which makes it look like a giraffe who’s joined the priesthood. If readers would be so kind as to keep an eye out for me, that’d be excellent. Modest reward offered for its safe return.



Meanwhile, we’ll just leave this here.

42 thoughts on “Having A Giraffe

  1. Donmarko

    Sorry to hear about the bike & I will keep an eye for it. But WHY oh WHY would you leave it unattended in Buckingham Street ?

  2. Kolmo

    I notice while walking around town, there are a lot of young native inner city type children/teens cylcling on bikes that seem to be too large for them, and very expensive looking, maybe santa was very generous and hopes they grow into them, but being a native Dub myself – I suspect not.. somebody is stealing our bikes – and somebody is buying our stolen bikes, surely the high frequency of thefts would attract even a glancing interest from the Gardai??

    1. Dave

      Totally. I saw a kid going through Rathmines the other day on a bike that was way too big for him and the bike was worth about 1500 euro.

  3. Joe

    I’m gonna guess ur a tall chap, with the steering and seat set that high u bough the wrong size frame.

    get proper sized frame for your new bike.

  4. Stoolio Iglesias

    I just watched the video from the link posted – looks like that guys bike is featured in the ‘how to lock your bike’ section after 0.22secs! Christ on a bike!

    1. Kolmo

      If this wasn’t here, how would we show the world our pseudo-1970’s totally-not-affected kookyness to the world?

  5. whatsyeronesname

    ah feck it anyway, I’ve just tried for the last 20 minutes trying to find a post I saw the other written by the drunk guy who stole a BLUE BIKE on his way home when he was shit faced drunk and who also lost his wallet….come on, does anyone remember? by some small chance who reckons its the same bike? broadsheet help pleeease.

    1. Chucky R. Law

      Sometimes you can spend ages searching for something and discover it was there all the time. If you post an entry about your lost page on lost.ie then I reckon there’s a good chance someone might have found the page already. Despite what some might say, people are generally pretty honest.

  6. Maebh

    Get onto KC on Today fm, he had a guy on yesterday saying that he had ‘accidentally’ taken a bike while drunk in Dublin city centre, it was blue and vintage-y looking! Worth a try!

  7. frillykeane

    Jesus yere great at finding bikes but when it comes to finding me the pair of Justin Bieber tickets I’ve bin’looking for …. Yere feckin useless


  8. mike

    Aw now c’mon broadsheet.

    Look, if you’re advertising 2 stolen bikes in a day, then I need to add my woe:

    1. April 2010, New black Giant Hybrid, stolen 9pm from outside Spar on Parliament St Dublin. I had a crappy cable lock on it. I reported it to Pearse St guards, and I presume they are still searching. They were also to get back to me on the video footage also

    2. Summer 1990: Midnight, O Briens pub, Sussex Road. Not locked, sure I only popped in to use the gents for a minute. Red with Bailer Twine on it. Sentimental value.

    3. 1993, The Gingerman Pub. Pink. Enda Kenny drinks there.

    I’ll send a drawing when I have time.

  9. Parp

    Someone should post a link to that guy who stole the bike that’s on lost.ie, it would be hilarious.

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