36 thoughts on “He Gets Like This After Crisps

    1. Tommy

      I came looking for shit, contrived political metaphor in the comments and I wasn’t disappointed. You should check out thejournal.ie.

  1. Hector Ramires

    Thank God the only Bird that matters isn’t scared away…. Without Merkel, we’d be screwed!

    1. Bejayziz

      How he’s still the leader of the party/country baffles me…He makes George Bush look like Sir Isaac Newton

    1. forthenthtime

      Good idea. You head off to the Journal comments section and keep our place. We’ll follow you.

  2. Quint

    Oh, there’s a press photographer!! Quick, must do something with my hands: point at nothing in particular, wave my hand, give a thumbs-up, extend a handshake to a goose…anything! As long as I’m doing something with my hands!!!

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