Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch


“You want lies with that?”

Enda Kenny and Larry Goodman at the SIAL Foodfair in Paris last October.

They’re calling him Dirty Larry.

Go ahead, make his neigh.

Bentley-driving Mr Goodman, an intensely private man, started out as a 15-year-old school drop-out selling sheep guts to butchers in Dundalk, Ireland for use as sausage skin.


Good times.

Revealed: Dirty Larry, The Multi-Millionaire Behind Firm Sneaking Horsemeat Into Your Supermarket (Mail Online)

Pic via Conor Ryan (irish Examiner)


13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

  1. seriously sam

    That I am pretty sure if you dig even slightly into the very murky past of meat processing plants, is the very same Larry who was burning down all his meat processing plants in the 80s when the last scandals came out, costing the country billions and he was able to miraculously become one of the richest people in the country on the back of that.

    But oh how things have changed, this time round…oh wait…….. is that Seanie and Fingers with multi billion pensions and manisons after selling the country out to Germany?

    *tick tick tick* one of these days the Irish will get some balls and make a stand. Now, back to angry birds.

  2. Blah

    Larry Goodman looks AMAZING….his suit is perfect, he looks so gracious, and groomed …and ..well..heee hawwww hheee hawwww.

    he does though, the spit of Joe Biden

  3. Sido

    29% Equine DNA – Is quite blatant. I was under the impression that it was trace amounts.
    The result of keeping the burger machine going after making Horse Burgers for the French Market or some such.
    By the way has anyone ever seen Horse burgers in a French Supermarket? – I haven’t

  4. mike

    Ah well, Enda may be shaking hands with Dr Evil Capallist, but at least he isn’t looking at him.

    “To be honest, I didn’t see the man. Wouldn’t have shook his hand if I had seen it was him”.

  5. cousinjack

    Aren’t sausages meant to be made with pig intestine not lamb?
    perhaps past performance is a clue to current and future performance

  6. Grammercop

    Started out selling sheep gut for sausage skins. That’ll be ovine sheep. See a trend starting here?
    In 1990 he owed €700M, then the bank took ownership during the Beef Tribunal, but sold the lot back to him in 1995 for €38M. A tad astonishing.
    “…stopped publishing accounts in 2001, when turnover was €915m.”
    Now rated 15th wealthiest man in Ireland (€745M). And he’s ‘notoriously secretive’.

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