Meanwhile, In The Grafton Lounge, Dublin



Hey HMV gift card holders you can redeem your gift card here for the full value in food or drink. Offer valid today and tomorrow!


Do you know anywhere accepting HMV whatsits?

Grafton Lounge (Facebook)

Thanks Darren Purcell

32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Grafton Lounge, Dublin

  1. Frodo Baggins

    They did something similar when Ulster Bank went all @rseways in the summer, think it was a few free drinks if you showed them your UB card.

  2. Lazer specced Bogman

    The people in the office here are saying Crackbryd will honour them also? Any truth in this?

  3. Del McG

    Stags Head are accepting HMV vouchers in return for Lunch. 1 voucher = 1 lunch, Monday – Saturday, 12-5, Jan & Feb

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      According to consumer rights, you can redeem the voucher if the store is still trading. If not, you can lodge a claim with the administrators. The latter doesn’t guarantee full reimbursement of course as the big creditors will be paid off first.

      Only my opinion here but if the stock is sold on to another music/DVD company, it would make good business sense for them to honour the vouchers.

      1. Jesus

        I would be surprised to find out the larger creditors are higher up in the cashflow waterfall than the customers.

  4. Nilbert

    Such a worthy and noble cause. Its great to see people finally doing something for the poor downtrodden starving masses, the homeless, the countless poverty stricken families… people who lost a coupla bob on the HMV vouchers…and so forth.

    1. bucko

      I agree, I’d feel kind of icky going in and essentially looking for a free meal. I’ve got an income, a roof over my head and a HMV gift card. Would feel like a hypocrite using.

      1. Jesus

        It’s that kind of lack of stinginess and lack respect for not spending your own hard-earned money that separates us from continental Europeans.

  5. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Sober Lane are doing a similar offer in Cork. They have outstanding pizza and onion rings.

  6. WeLoveTown

    Roganstown Hotel and Country Club are accepting them up to a maximum value of 50 euro as a part payment on a nights stay for the month of January, fair play in fairness

  7. anon

    are they actually seeing it through though? i apparently won something from them in the summer, never arrived, asked questions, never arrived, asked more questions, never arrived.

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