54 thoughts on “Oh. My. BOD.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      Agreed. Nobody get’s a guaranteed captaincy, so each time a squad is announced, the captain is too. Nobody gets ‘dropped’

        1. Jam

          Brian O’Driscoll plays Rugby

          Jamie Heaslip plays Rugby

          The Six Nations is a Rugby competition

          So he has been dropped as the Irish Rugby Captain.

  1. Mickolikesmaps

    I’m sure BOD is happy enough with the decision. Gives him more time to focus on his own game like he does in Leinster. Could be his last year too so good to bed in a new el captain

  2. sambotarf

    Heaslip was captain in November, he’s still captain now.

    O’Driscoll hasn’t been “dropped” as captain, he just wasn’t re-appointed.

    Newstalk are wrong here.

  3. Lunar Lupin

    Meh, cant be captain if he’s not in the squad, he’s in the Wolfhounds squad, also takes some pressure of his shoulders coming back from injury when he’s put back in the squad first game. Smart man-management from Kiddo.

        1. Advertising On Police Cars

          Don’t mind Frilly, he always gets bolshie about rugby, he prefers amateur games like GAA and scrabble.

          1. frillykeane

            Ah now A.O.P.C.
            Moss OCarroll Kelly’s made a handy living out of the same carry on

            So how many did I catch today?

    1. Carmex

      The squad announced was actually a joint squad however he will likely get gametime with the Wolfhounds.

      Don’t joke about Kidneys man-management. If he had any ROG would have been dropped a season+ ago.

      1. Oldmanfitz

        True enough

        pity Rog had to see himself out of the squad with his little temper tantrum the other day. Probably have a few weeks ban coming at him.

    1. Daithi

      Ok, it’s time for us to decide on the name here.

      How are we going to settle this?

      These comment sections ain’t big enough for two Daithis.

      1. Daithi

        I’ll add the first letter of my surname to the end and you do the same.

        (Unless your surname starts with a G)

        1. smokeybear

          Just captained Leinster through their worst run in 5 seasons. AWOL since the world cup. He is a great player just off form recently. Captaincy does not suit every player. Having said all that I’ll admit that I am struggling to think of an alternative. Kearney maybe…..

        1. Bacchus

          and suddenly you’re insufferable. And not just because you don’t like rugby, more because you feel the need to tell us.

  4. Jockstrap

    Rugby is a great game. Some of the fans bore the arse off me because they are like multiple clones of each other. They could all wife swap and none of them would notice any difference.

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