A photo essay on Ireland in the May 1959 issue of Vogue by renowned fashion photographer Eugene Vernier.

From top: Desmond Castle, Adare, Co Limerick; Connemara; Mulroy Bay, Donegal; and Dublin quays.

The children had never seen wheels before.

More here: ‘Vogue’ in ireland (Brand New Retro)

14 thoughts on “O’Vogue

  1. funman

    > “The children had never seen wheels before.”

    Okay BS, enough of the “My god arent we Irish so cool now that we can laugh at didley-eye american eyer-ish stereotypes from the 1950’s where it neither exists nor is intended”

    1. Sarah

      Actually, I found the remark gas because my mum, who was a child in the 50’s told me her and the kids in her estate used to chase cars cos they didn’t see many of them!

  2. SDaedalus

    Love this so much… fantastic styling and backdrop but what makes it is the totally unawed kids… the last photo in particular captures exactly what is so wonderful about Dublin.. hopefully as a city we’ll never lose that irreverence…

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