Saving George


The very gorgeous George.

He’s had a time of it.

From Dublin SPCA

This little cat (we have named George) was rescued last night from teenagers that were trying to throw him into the canal at Inchicore Dublin 8.
A member of the public rang us this morning to say that he had seen three girls and two boys aged approximately thirteen to fifteen egging each other on to drop the cat from the lock into the deepest part of the canal. The man immediately went over and took the cat from the teens and brought it home to safety.
First off we would like to point out that this man although we cannot name him is a hero in our eyes and we are so grateful for his intervention although it would be only right for us to encourage anyone in this situation to call the local Garda station first for advice.
Also if anyone in the area knows who might own this cat please contact us, he is a 1 yr old male Tabby not neutered and very sweet natured. Call us on 014994700 or email .


Dublin SPCA (Facebook)

21 thoughts on “Saving George

  1. Takeit

    Lucky for those kids. Looks like George was just about to get his Hulk on. A pity they didn’t ‘fall’ in during the struggle to get the cat off them. No doubt this weekend they’ll find another animal. Pricks.

  2. karlypants

    May they all end up in Mountjoy slopping out for eachother.

    Hope gorgeous George finds his home soon – everyone in Dublin get the word out!

  3. Wahey

    Such evil little f**kers on our streets, George was one of the lucky ones. The way animals get treated in this country is disgusting, makes me ashamed to be Irish.

    1. FK

      In fairness? In fairness to what? This story is about little toerags trying to drown a cat. There is no “in fairness”!

  4. jmcarthy99

    Why not bring the cat near to where it was rescued, release it and see does it march off home?

  5. Captain Obvious

    What the hell is wrong with these kids? Are they emotionally retarded? How can they not feel some level of sympathy for the cat? Seriously their parents need to have a long hard look at themselves, that is if they give a flying f*ck about their kids.

  6. lesley keeley

    Poor little chap how can they be so cruel but then they are animals themselves what these teenagers need is a good kick up the hole and get them out doing community service name them and shame them !

  7. meep

    I thought you learned at three years old to be “kind” to defenceless animals, part of the whole right/wrong basic instruction. “Egging each other on” eh? Not one independant mind amongst five… tools

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