30 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Rod

      It’s just another rant about English culture in Ireland, if the same thing happened in England against the Irish everytime someone spotted something funny connected with the Irish there would be uproar.

      The phrase “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” comes to mind everytime I read these “Was it for this” posts.

        1. Kath

          “Was it for this” references the Yeats poem ‘September 1913’. Its used satirically e.g. Did people die/sacrifice (to give Ireland independence) for this?

          1. funman

            It doesn’t sound as funny anymore when you actaully explain it. Maybe its time to move on..
            Okay, who do we hate next? The French? I cant stand their ‘ooh-la-la’di’da’ ways…

      1. Rob

        Stop saying things that could be construed as being in some way negative about England, you murderous, knuckle-dragging Celtic fan car bombers! They’ve always been sound to us and they don’t deserve it.

        1. Rod

          that’s it exactly, there are far too many people determined to take out their gripes with the British today for things that happened hundreds of years ago, and keep us living in the past by looking like complete bigots, time to move on.

      2. cluster

        Think you’ll find much more genuinely nasty anti-Irish sentiment in the English media than vice versa.

  1. John Gallen

    “Ooh, I say, Mr. Papadopolous!

    Get out of MY pub, you slag!


    Leave it, Phil. She’s not worth it.


    I know that is a soap reference but I don’t get the connection :/
    …maybe that’s a good thing.

    1. sean

      I’m from East County Cork and pants to me always meant trousers in general, not underwear! Possibly a regional thing.

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